Dont Overlook The Value Of Email Marketing

Dont Overlook The Value Of Email Marketing

Let’s face it,​ almost everyone has an​ email address. How many people would you​ know that didn’t have an​ email address? More importantly everyone working online or​ wanting to​ work online will have an​ email address.

It’s not a​ luxury,​ it​ is​ just an​ everyday service that everybody has and uses almost everyday. We use it​ to​ keep in​ touch with our family and friends. We use it​ to​ send photos to​ friends close by or​ overseas. We use it​ for our businesses. Email is​ the​ modern day ‘letter’. Very few people will keep in​ touch by letter these days,​ they just send an​ email.

So why not make the​ most of​ this modern convenience and use it​ as​ a​ marketing tool. However,​ don’t send cheesy emails that are obviously just trying to​ make a​ sale,​ be very careful with your email content so that your email customers will stay customers and not be scared away.

Don’t try to​ make a​ sale EVERY time you​ send an​ email to​ your customer. if​ all they ever receive from you​ are sales pitches,​ they will unsubscribe from your list and you​ will never make a​ sale from them.

Keep your emails relatively plain. Use plain,​ easy to​ read text with both your font anIt can also be helpful to​ use a​ border or​ a​ line between the​ main body of​ the​ text and your signature lines.

If you​ use an​ autoresponder you​ can set it​ up to​ run automatically. That means that you​ pre type all your email messages and schedule them to​ be sent on​ certain daily intervals. This is​ a​ great way to​ run your business on​ auto pilot,​ once your emails are all set up,​ the​ autoresponder will do the​ rest.

When writing your emails talk to​ your customers in​ a​ personal manner. Make them feel like you​ have written that email just for them. Make them feel special. Let them get to​ know you​ and to​ gain a​ trust in​ you.

If your email customers trust you,​ they will believe that anything you​ recommend to​ them must be good. you​ will be able to​ make much more sales from customers that trust you,​ than from customers that will end up just unsubscribing do to​ you​ sending too many sales pitch emails to​ them.

It is​ recommended to​ put your contact email address in​ your signature and allow your customers to​ email you​ if​ they have any questions that they want to​ ask you. This will help to​ build that good relationship and trust with your customer.

Don’t send your customers really long emails. if​ your email is​ too long there is​ a​ good chance your customers won’t read it. Keep it​ short but make sure you​ still get your point across.

To build your email list it​ is​ a​ good idea to​ offer your website visitors a​ gift. you​ can offer them a​ gift where they need to​ optin to​ your mailing list to​ receive the​ free gift.

It also helps to​ offer your subscribers the​ occasional free gift through your emails too. This once again can build up the​ trust in​ your relationship and if​ you​ give them a​ good quality gift they will really appreciate it.

If many of​ your subscribers are new to​ internet marketing and you​ build up a​ good relationship with them,​ they will trust you​ and they will look to​ you​ for advice. So when you​ do let them know of​ a​ new product or​ a​ good value for money product,​ they will trust your judgement and you​ will have a​ good chance of​ making the​ sale.

Look after your subscribers and they will look after you.

Dont Overlook The Value Of Email Marketing

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