Dont Give Up On Weight Loss

Dont Give Up On Weight Loss

Many of​ you have given up on​ weight loss. I've been there and it​ feels like you are at​ wits end. You don't know what to​ do. You've tried it​ all. Now you believe it's impossible for them to​ lose weight.

I quit!

Take heart,​ it​ is​ not that bad. I'm happy to​ tell you that after decades of​ struggle I've taken and kept off 45 pounds. More importantly,​ my weight is​ stable,​ health superb and physical shape great.

I tell you this simply to​ illustrate the​ fact that you don't have to​ give up on​ weight loss. YOU can lose weight with a​ little guidance and faith in​ yourself.

First of​ all,​ relax. There is​ no fast,​ quick way to​ weight loss. Realizing this means any small change will take effect over time. Time is​ on​ your side.

If we​ look at​ people who have been successful at​ weight loss and maintaining that loss,​ a​ couple of​ things are very apparent. These two factors are present in​ the​ lives of​ most of​ them:

1. They do some form of​ aerobic exercise 5 to​ 7 days per week. It's as​ simple as​ talking a​ walk each evening. Do it​ minimally 5 times a​ week for 30 to​ 45 minutes at​ a​ time.

2. They have developed more healthy eating habits. Healthy eating habits are also very important. More fruit or​ vegetables instead of​ candy cake and pie on​ 5 days out out 7 make the​ difference.

I've had many clients tell me that their daily exercise puts them in​ a​ "healthy" frame of​ mind and helps them to​ make better food choices. Bottom line,​ when you are exercising consistently,​ youreating habits are better.

I firmly believe that a​ major factor in​ most peoples frustration with weight loss is​ that they haven't been told the​ truth about exercise. You see,​ twenty minutes,​ three days per week isn't going to​ cut it​ for weight loss. if​ you're serious about weight loss,​ then you have to​ get serious about exercise.

I've seen this work for many people who had given up on​ weight loss. it​ worked for me. it​ can work for you.

Dont Give Up On Weight Loss

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