Dont Forget To Plan Some Baby Shower Games When You Plan Or Host A Baby Shower

Dont Forget To Plan Some Baby Shower Games When You Plan Or Host A Baby

Sometimes baby showers are hosted before the​ baby is​ born and sometimes after. Either way most baby showers have at​ least one thing in​ common,​ baby shower games.

When you host a​ baby shower it​ is​ fun to​ have games to​ play as​ entertainment as​ well as​ to​ break the​ ice. You may have guests that don't know each other as​ well as​ several different age generations in​ attendance.

I like to​ have different types of​ games when I host a​ baby shower so the​ same guest isn't always the​ winner. I also like to​ find games that require little preparation or​ expense. Here are a​ few free baby shower games you are free to​ use when you plan or​ host a​ baby shower.

1. One game you might want to​ play is​ to​ see who can name the​ most nursery rhymes. Give your guests a​ few minutes to​ write them down and see who thought of​ the​ most. Beforehand you can prepare a​ list to​ compare to​ if​ you want. Plus if​ your baby shower guests appear stumped you can name a​ few to​ get them started on​ the​ right track.

2. a​ word scramble is​ also a​ good type of​ game to​ have. You can scramble up some baby words and print them out on​ a​ piece of​ paper and let the​ guest unscramble them. You could also give your baby shower guests a​ blank sheet of​ paper and have them write a​ phrase such as​ Jill's new baby,​ or​ the​ new baby's full name and have them see how many words they can find in​ the​ letters.

3. if​ you want to​ liven things up a​ bit give every guest a​ piece of​ paper with a​ baby related word on​ it​ and tell them not to​ show it​ to​ anyone. When everyone has arrived explain to​ them that every time they hear their word they should cough and say excuse me within 5 seconds. the​ other guests then can each make one guess as​ to​ the​ word. You can give prizes to​ whoever guesses the​ most right as​ well as​ to​ whoever stumps the​ other shower guests the​ longest.

Basically just try to​ find a​ variety of​ baby shower games that everyone will enjoy playing and have a​ great time celebrating the​ blessing of​ a​ new baby.

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