Dont Fall For These Weight Loss Gimmicks

Dont Fall For These Weight Loss Gimmicks

Have you heard about the​ new weight loss patch? You wear it​ behind your ear,​ and it​ speeds up your metabolism and helps you control your appetite. it​ sounds pretty reasonable,​ doesn't it? After all,​ if​ someone had told you five years ago that you could quit smoking by sticking a​ circle of​ fabric on​ your skin would you have believed them?

Unfortunately,​ this one isn't true. According to​ Dr. Michael Myers,​ who maintains the​ popular web site,​ it's just another of​ the​ hoaxes that clever promoters are using to​ bilk you out of​ your money. Weight loss is​ a​ gold mine,​ and unscrupulous operators will use any gimmick to​ convince you that their product is​ the​ magic cure that will melt away your pounds without any effort on​ your part.

Here are a​ few of​ the​ current weight loss gimmicks and the​ truth about them.

The Diet Patch

Transdermal delivery of​ medication is​ a​ reality,​ and there are certain medications that are absorbed readily through the​ skin. However,​ the​ most common active ingredient used in​ diet patches on​ the​ market is​ 'fucus vesiculosus',​ a​ seaweed that is​ a​ major source of​ iodine. Iodine was once a​ recommended treatment for obesity,​ because it​ helps promote healthy thyroid function. it​ was abandoned because of​ side effects and the​ untoward effects when treatment with iodine ceases. in​ other words,​ it's an​ outdated medication being revived for delivery in​ a​ new way.

Wash your fat away with slimming soap!

The claim is​ that this is​ an​ ancient Chinese soap that contains a​ unique blend of​ ingredients derived from seaweed which will 'emulsify' the​ fat. Further,​ it​ comes in​ several different versions,​ including one that is​ specifically meant to​ give you 'beautiful thighs'. in​ all truth,​ the​ ingredients sound like they'd do a​ lovely job of​ softening and toning your skin,​ but there's not an​ ounce of​ research quoted anywhere that can be checked for the​ results. Until I see the​ proof,​ I'll just figure that any weight loss resulted from vigorous scrubbing - not the​ ingredients!

Magnetic Weight Loss... earrings

Yes,​ earrings. According to​ the​ press,​ it's another ancient Chinese Secret that has to​ do with balancing the​ magnetism in​ the​ body. By wearing a​ magnet near the​ ear,​ you can suppress hunger,​ increase metabolism,​ speed up the​ healing process and reduce pain. Again,​ though there's mention of​ 'studies',​ none are cited,​ and I couldn't find any in​ any medical journals. it​ won't kill you,​ at​ least,​ and the​ earrings are pretty,​ but I wouldn't put much stock in​ their weight loss properties.

All of​ these new weight loss discoveries should be filed in​ the​ “Yeah right” file,​ right next to​ sauna wraps,​ copper bracelets,​ and electro-slimming belts. if​ it​ sounds too good to​ be true,​ remember,​ it​ probably is. the​ only gimmick to​ weight loss is​ to​ eat less and move more!

Dont Fall For These Weight Loss Gimmicks

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