Does Your Weight Loss Plan Cause Food Cravings

For your weight loss plan to​ be a​ weight loss success,​ it’s absolutely critical that you understand the​ difference between weight loss fad diets and safe,​ effective weight loss routines that produce long-lasting weight loss results.

There are all sorts of​ weight loss programs out there that can help you lose weight (not necessarily fat),​ but they are so miserable that it's impossible to​ stay on​ them very long - even more difficult is​ keeping the​ weight loss results you achieved.

The four characteristics for successful weight loss are:

1. the​ weight loss plan must avoid cravings
2. the​ weight loss plan must avoid hunger
3. the​ weight loss plan must include increasing your activity level
4. it​ must be a​ weight loss plan you can live with for a​ lifetime

What are cravings? a​ craving is​ when your body pushes you to​ want a​ particular food ingredient. This can occur even when you are not hungry. When you finally give in​ and get the​ food,​ you almost always binge,​ that is,​ eat more than you would have if​ you did not have the​ cravings in​ the​ first place. For the​ most part,​ you body is​ probably asking for water,​ but out of​ bad habit you might turn to​ fatty fast foods to​ fill the​ gap.

What causes cravings? Your body needs 6 essential food ingredients to​ function properly. They are carbohydrates,​ fats,​ proteins,​ minerals,​ vitamins and water. if​ you deprive your body of​ any of​ these,​ it​ will create the​ sensation that will drive you to​ get it. the​ most easily identified example is​ when you deprive your body of​ water. You develop thirst. Thirst is​ the​ body's craving for water. Don’t turn to​ fast food,​ when all your body is​ asking for is​ a​ big glass or​ two of​ fresh cool water. Better still,​ don’t turn to​ a​ fad diet that restricts you to​ eating one or​ two items only. This will only heighten your body's need for other foods.

Weight loss plans that tell you to​ cut out particular foods will always lead to​ cravings. it​ is​ this battle in​ your body to​ give it​ what it​ needs that creates conditions of​ discomfort and lead to​ most individuals ending the​ weight loss programs. There is​ an​ area of​ the​ brain that controls what and how much you eat. it​ is​ also responsible for creating cravings as​ a​ way for you to​ provide the​ body what it​ needs.

So,​ what is​ the​ best way to​ avoid cravings? First and foremost,​ the​ best way to​ avoid cravings is​ by eating all the​ required food ingredients. the​ key is​ that in​ all of​ the​ food groups,​ there are "good" types and "not so good" types of​ foods. You need to​ know the​ good types and eat only those. For example,​ with carbohydrates,​ good types (in general) are the​ ones with a​ low glycemic index (GI). GI is​ a​ measure of​ how fast a​ food increases the​ production of​ insulin. Insulin causes fat buildup. Whole grains and vegetables have low GIs and therefore are good for weight loss.

By understanding the​ weight loss concept of​ eating all of​ the​ essential foods and dividing them into "good" and "not so good" foods,​ you will avoid cravings and overeating.

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