Does Your Marketing Plan Need Changing

Does Your Marketing Plan Need Changing

Does Your Marketing Plan Need Changing?
Change is​ good,​ right? Not always .​
But when is​ it​ bad? is​ it​ a​ question of​ good or​ bad? Sounds philosophical .​
Maybe it​ is.
Philosophize on​ this…why would one take something that is​ going good – no. .​
great – and change it? Obvious answer is​ to​ make it​ better .​
In business or​ in​ marketing,​ change is​ not always good .​
When you​ have certain promotional actions that are in​ place making things happen,​ or​ in​ better terms,​ making you​ money – don’t change them! Why do I​ say this? Because I​ see it​ time and time again .​
Someone has a​ marketing campaign that is​ bringing in​ a​ good return on​ investment and they up and decide to​ change their postcard! What?!?!?!?!? Change your postcard – why? Er uh,​ we just decided to​ do something different.
And then some three or​ four months down the​ road,​ they call back with their tail between their legs and ask – no demand to​ have everything back the​ way it​ was before .​
in​ this latter case – change is​ good.
I am not just saying that to​ say that one should always keep their postcard marketing campaign the​ same and never change it .​
Quite the​ contrary .​
Change your marketing,​ change your habits,​ change your way of​ life when it​ warrants it .​
There is​ really some truth to​ the​ old adage If it​ ain’t broke,​ don’t fix it .​
Maybe it​ is​ human nature to​ want to​ change everything once something gets going just the​ way they planned it .​
Who the​ heck knows? All I​ can say is​ step outside the​ human-nature box .​
Change only when things are drastic or​ when change is​ warranted.
Drastic circumstances deserve drastic measures .​
But how do you​ determine drastic? Sometimes that is​ really easy .​
Your company’s income is​ crashing .​
Do something! Change! Or better yet,​ figure out what you​ changed and get it​ back to​ what was working.
How about a​ plateau? Does that deserve change? Depends on​ how long that plateau lasts .​
I​ have never seen things leveling off and staying level forever .​
It either goes one of​ two ways – up or​ down .​
I​ know an​ optometrist who had a​ very successful practice in​ small town USA .​
He never really marketed .​
He never really had to​ .​
People knew of​ him from miles around .​
Mainly he did PR stuff – a​ fundraiser here,​ networking there,​ etc.,​ etc .​
His good works made him well known and respected and the​ community ooo’ed and ah’ed over him so much the​ paper loved printing it.
But things changed .​
Malls started opening up .​
People started shopping out of​ small-town USA and into the​ bigger cities .​
the​ environment changed .​
But he didn’t .​
He still kept a​ good practice,​ but you​ could see something interesting – his gross income started to​ plateau .​
And over time – many years – that plateau gradually started to​ show where it​ was really going .​
I​ actually don’t have to​ say where – you’ve got the​ picture .​

Now,​ would that demand drastic measures? Taking into account inflation,​ cost of​ living and other factors that are on​ the​ rise – yes,​ I​ would say that would demand drastic measures .​
Did he take them? Not until the​ direness became all too apparent .​
But yes,​ he finally did take them .​
He started postcard marketing his you-know-what off!
I have another client that is​ just a​ dream .​
They have had the​ same list for the​ past 5 years,​ ever since they have been in​ business – thirty thousand physical therapists they mailed to​ over and over and over and over and … They never changed .​
They figured if​ it​ was bringing in​ the​ income it​ was the​ thing that was working .​
And it​ worked and it​ still works .​
And today – they made Entrepreneur’s 100 Hot List for 2018.
So,​ next time you​ think about changing your marketing plan,​ look to​ see if​ it​ needs it .​
Look at​ your numbers .​
Are they improving? Declining? If your income is​ going up – don’t change one single thing .​
But if​ it​ is​ going down or​ flat lining – for heaven’s sake,​ change!

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