Does Hoodia The African Weight Loss Secret Actually Work

Astounding as​ some dieters say the​ new Hoodia weight loss supplement is,​ other dieters say it’s a​ fake and doesn’t work at​ all. if​ you’re not familiar with Hoodia Gordonii,​ it’s the​ new fad in​ dieting products. it​ comes from a​ cactus type plant in​ South Africa and has been eaten there for thousands of​ years by the​ aboriginal natives. the​ San Bushmen in​ the​ Kalahari Desert eat the​ Hoodia succulent plant by picking off a​ piece before a​ hunting trip or​ period of​ time they know they won’t have much food to​ eat. By ingesting the​ piece of​ Hoodia they know that they will not be hungry for the​ entire day. This of​ course is​ very helpful when you are living in​ the​ desert and the​ availability of​ food is​ very scarce.

So what about if​ your living in​ middle America and are looking for something to​ help you curb your cravings and keep of​ the​ pounds,​ will Hoodia do the​ trick? it​ depends on​ who you ask,​ some dieters say it​ is​ the​ magic pill and will help you lose the​ weight with no side effects. Other people will say,​ “I tried it​ and it​ did absolutely nothing for me”. How can this be the​ case you might ask,​ one person swears to​ it​ and one swears at​ it. It’s actually no mystery at​ all if​ you know what is​ happening in​ the​ industry. Hoodia has gained huge popularity due to​ increased media exposure; so far since last November Hoodia has been on​ CBS 60 minutes,​ the​ BBC,​ CBS News,​ Oprah Winfrey’s “O” Magazine,​ ABC News and most recently it​ was featured on​ the​ NBC Today Show with Katie Couric. Because of​ this news coverage the​ demand for Hoodia has greatly increased and along with this,​ the​ amount of​ companies providing fake or​ impure Hoodia has also greatly increased.

If I can stress only one thing in​ this Hoodia article,​ it​ would be to​ know what is​ in​ the​ Hoodia you are buying. When it​ comes to​ buying Hoodia,​ you have to​ be an​ informed buyer; you can’t just buy the​ first Hoodia Pills you see. And unlike other supplements you buy at​ your nutritional store,​ in​ the​ case of​ Hoodia,​ you can’t trust brick and mortar stores anymore than you can an​ online company. There is​ no regulation when it​ comes to​ Hoodia pills; there is​ no testing process or​ certification that a​ Hoodia brand has to​ go through. Because of​ this anybody can start a​ new Hoodia brand,​ put whatever they want in​ a​ pill and call it​ Hoodia and sell it. Many companies are doing just this,​ making lots of​ profit and leaving you the​ dieter with a​ bogus product,​ the​ dieter then tells others,​ “hey,​ this Hoodia stuff is​ no good”.

Natural Health Report has published a​ study done by Truth Publishing and Alkemist Pharmaceuticals located at:,​ the​ study findings state that eleven out of​ seventeen brand-name Hoodia supplements tested failed a​ laboratory analysis of​ authenticity. Unfortunately in​ the​ study they don't say which brands failed but they do say which brands passed.

The following brands passed the​ independent testing:
* Desert Burn
* Hoodoba Pure
* Dr. Wheeler's Afrigetics
* King Hoodia
* Hoodia Max
* Ethno Africa

Eleven out of​ seventeen brand names failed to​ be authentic,​ to​ me that is​ an​ amazing statistic and says a​ lot about the​ industry. Looking at​ those statistics we​ can now see why some dieters are saying Hoodia is​ wonderful and helps you lose weight and others are calling it​ a​ scam. the​ truth is​ there is​ both authentic pure Hoodia and bogus fake Hoodia available and what you get will determine how you feel about it.

This information should not necessarily stop you from buying Hoodia,​ as​ there are many reports of​ Hoodia decreasing you appetite by up to​ 1,​000 calories a​ day and many people trying to​ lose weight swear by its results. Like we​ have stated before you just need to​ be very cautious and be able to​ identify pure Hoodia from ineffective and impure Hoodia. So how can you identify which Hoodia brand is​ best? Here are some things the​ consumer should look for:

* Certification - the​ company should provide a​ visual documentation on​ their website that the​ Hoodia they are selling is​ authentic Hoodia Gordonii from South Africa.

* Independent Testing – some of​ the​ top companies selling Hoodia are now submitting their product for independent testing to​ assure the​ customer their Hoodia is​ authentic and set them apart from the​ competition. if​ the​ brand has been tested you will again most likely be able to​ see visual documentation on​ their website.

* You should be know if​ the​ product is​ a​ pure hoodia powder or​ in​ extract form. There is​ a​ lot of​ information on​ the​ internet as​ to​ which is​ better and you should be informed on​ which kind you want to​ buy.

* Know what all the​ ingredients in​ the​ pill are - many companies will increase the​ total milligrams of​ a​ Hoodia pill by adding other ingredients to​ it,​ so in​ a​ 750 mg. pill you might only get 50 mg. of​ Hoodia. Also know if​ those other ingredients are something you want to​ be taking.

* Brand Reputation – the​ longer Hoodia is​ around the​ more people are talking about which brand is​ working for them. Do some internet searches on​ the​ brand you are thinking of​ trying and see if​ you find that lots of​ people are having problems with that brand. You have to​ take general public comments with a​ grain of​ salt though because many company owners have people spreading bad publicity about their competition.

* Common Sense – overall use your common sense about your purchase. Does the​ company not disclose much information? Do they have easy way to​ contact them? Do they have any type of​ guarantee? Also,​ especially when it​ comes to​ Hoodia on​ eBay,​ does the​ label of​ the​ product look like it​ was printed on​ a​ home inkjet printer? Also be wary of​ deep discounted Hoodia,​ there may be a​ reason it’s so cheap.

In closing,​ when it​ comes to​ Hoodia the​ consumer will need to​ stay cautious for awhile,​ the​ situation may get worse before it​ gets better. Demand for Hoodia is​ growing,​ supply is​ decreasing and the​ wholesale cost is​ increasing. What does this formula equal? it​ equals bad news for the​ dieter who wants to​ get some authentic Hoodia; there will be a​ lot of​ fake Hoodia out there. Give Hoodia a​ try,​ just do your homework first,​ be an​ informed,​ educated buyer and you may find that you truly have found a​ product to​ help you shed those extra pounds with no side effects. For more information on​ Hoodia visit Totalink's Hoodia Directory at​

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