Do Smoothies Have To Go Now That I M Trying To Lose Weight

It’s summer time and the​ heat is​ on. One favorite choice of​ most people for beating the​ heat is​ to​ get a​ smoothie. But for people trying to​ lose weight and not miss out,​ are there any healthy options? Yes. You can make your own smoothies.

From a​ health point of​ view,​ blended smoothies are great for a​ concentrated meal that’s ready in​ a​ minute. You can combine a​ variety of​ fruit with some water,​ possibly add some dates or​ genuine maple syrup and make a​ delicious smoothie that can be enjoyed anytime as​ a​ healthy meal while on​ your weight loss program.

Actually friends,​ this may be a​ better choice than juicing as​ you will also get the​ fibre,​ which is​ an​ essential nutrient present in​ our fruits and vegetables for several reasons and in​ regards to​ losing weight,​ the​ fibre will serve as​ intestinal brooms to​ push all unwanted debris out. Hey,​ we​ are seeking weight loss right?

Now,​ the​ recipes listed below are my personal favorites for smoothies. I think they are creative ways to​ enjoy the​ proper diet and not entirely miss out on​ pleasuring ourselves occasionally. You can always experiment to​ find tasty recipes as​ well,​ but here are some to​ get you started.

1. "Chocolate" Milk

-10-15 medium dates
-3 ripe bananas.
-1 Young Coconut (I don't usually use the​ water inside of​ the​ nut although I heard it​ has some benefits,​ I have tested it​ on​ me to​ a​ not so good result but again we​ are all different)
-16 oz cold Water

Blend everything starting with the​ fruits then the​ coconut.

2. Papaya Passion

-1 medium Papaya
-1 red delicious apple
-5 dates (pitted)

Blend everything and prepare for something outta this world!

3. Strawberry Delight

-4-8 strawberries
-1-2 Bananas
-8-10 dates

4. My Milk Shake tastes much better than yours...!

-2 cups of​ Durian
-8 dates
-2 bananas
-1 tsp of​ Carob powder

Who said fruits and veggies were boring again?

5. Mango Magic
-1-2 ripe mangos (peeled)
-8 dates (pitted)
-Juice of​ one orange

6. Durian Deck
-24 oz of​ durian
-1/2 orange
-Blend both.

Well,​ there you have it. Thought you’d have to​ give up smoothies eh? Hope,​ I’ll be able to​ save you some money in​ buying less healthy and-as you’ll discover-not as​ tasty smoothies with these.

Here’s to​ health and happiness.

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