Do People Know Exactly What Event Management And Event Marketing Is

Do People Know Exactly What Event Management and Event Marketing Is
The answer is​ No….As nowadays any Tom,​ Dick or​ Harry has an​ event management company without knowing the​ a​ B C of​ event management .​
Event Management is​ principles and practices associated with planning,​ managing and staging special events .​
There are a​ lot of​ important components like stage and logistic management,​ marketing,​ promotion,​ event evaluation and event reporting which lead to​ a​ successful event.
Now event management and event marketing are two sides of​ the​ same coin .​
Event management can’t go without event marketing,​ so any company or​ individual doing event management should think about marketing these events first .​
Any event management or​ marketing company or​ individual has to​ ensure success for which they are working .​
The event management company will work closely with the​ person for whom they are doing event management for as​ an​ extension of​ his team,​ providing the​ focus needed to​ manage each complex element of​ the​ event management process,​ leaving him free to​ concentrate on​ his core responsibilities.
We can categorize events as​ national events,​ social events and personal events.
Social events: consists of​ award functions,​ fashion shows,​ musical shows etc.
Personal events: are marriage functions,​ birthday parties or​ any personal celebrations.
National events: like Republic Day and Independence Day,​ they are considered to​ be very important events.
Conducting an​ event is​ not an​ overnight job .​
These events required proper planning and depth .​
An expert event manager or​ organizer has to​ start the​ work of​ organizing event few months earlier .​
Firstly an​ expert planner will think of​ sponsors to​ conduct the​ shows .​
To be very clear,​ national and personal events do not need marketing,​ but for social events like award functions,​ fashion shows etc .​
proper sponsors,​ advertisement and of​ course marketing are required.
Initial step to​ organize any event is​ to​ divide it​ into different parts.
1- in​ first part there will be a​ team of​ skilled marketing people,​ who could find good sponsors for the​ show .​
Advertisement is​ also a​ basic need for the​ success of​ an​ event.
2- Secondly,​ a​ group of​ people works on​ the​ venue where the​ show is​ to​ be conducted .​
The venue,​ day date and time are equally important factors,​ as​ such the​ place where event is​ to​ be conducted should be suitable for the​ public and even the​ day and time when the​ event is​ going to​ take place.
3- in​ the​ third part the​ important thing is​ practice of​ the​ show .​
The other expert group of​ people works upon the​ costumes,​ type of​ sub events like singing,​ dancing etc .​
of​ the​ participants .​
They conduct rehearsal again and again for the​ success of​ the​ show.
4- Fourth part is​ the​ selling of​ tickets in​ the​ public and of​ course the​ planning of​ proper security services .​
It is​ very necessary to​ be able control the​ whole crowd.
Lastly,​ when all these important functions get clicked together,​ a​ successful grand event is​ organized .​
In short,​ to​ make any event successful the​ most important thing is​ planning,​ and the​ other step is​ to​ follow up accordingly to​ the​ plans i.e .​
e hard work and keen efforts.

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