Do Automated Internet Businesses Live Up To Their Hype

Do Automated Internet Businesses Live Up To Their Hype

Make $500,​ $1000,​ $3000 per Day! All with No Cold Calling,​ NO Talking to​ Family and Friends,​ NO Selling,​ NO Answering Questions,​ NO Speaking to​ Prospects,​ NO Phone Calls at​ All!

How can a​ ‘business’ claim to​ be ‘passive’? Don’t you​ have to​ ‘work’ a​ home based business? Sure you​ do- but many new internet based programs claim to​ automate the​ income generating process,​ allowing you​ to​ rake in​ the​ cash while you​ do very little work. Some claim that you​ need to​ do no work at​ all. What truth is​ behind these claims? Depending on​ the​ system you​ are looking at​ and exactly what it​ claims to​ do,​ it​ may hold up to​ its claims,​ or​ not. Often,​ they leave out one very crucial bit of​ information – that is,​ you​ will have to​ MARKET your website in​ order to​ make any money at​ all. it​ is​ marketing that drives the​ success of​ any online venture. Why would these businesses be any different?

Let’s start with the​ ‘big daddy’ in​ the​ passive income claims,​ the​ Prosperity Automated System. This business proposes it​ has‘proprietary software’ that once placed on​ the​ net for you​ will produce $3000 sales over and over with very little effort from you. you​ can even advertise up to​ 6 other products on​ your PAS site and have sales of​ those products too. Just Pay a​ whopping $3995,​ plus at​ least $198 in​ ad packs every month and watch the​ sales roll in. When people opt-in and request a​ callback,​ team leaders call and close the​ sales for you. the​ professional closer concept is​ actually a​ great idea,​ as​ it​ eliminates the​ need for the​ business owner to​ be a​ sales person. Unfortunately,​ many PAS owners are finding that their PAS site just sits on​ the​ web with very little activity. the​ people who are making huge incomes with PAS are not treating it​ ‘passively’. in​ fact,​ they are taking a​ very active roll and running huge ad campaigns. the​ ad packs have not been proven to​ produce regular sales. PAS is​ not passive,​ as​ it​ clearly claims to​ be. in​ order to​ make money here,​ you​ will have to​ MARKET.

The 1 Step System attempts to​ solve the​ problems of​ the​ internet newbie by providing them with an​ ‘internet marketer’s toolbox’. ‘Everything you’ll need’ in​ order to​ promote and resell the​ system. it​ doesn’t claim to​ be totally passive. the​ 1 Step you​ have to​ take is​ to​ market the​ system. People who opt-in to​ your site are directed to​ a​ teleseminar where one of​ the​ owners does all of​ the​ selling for you​ on​ a​ conference call. People send you​ their money without ever speaking to​ you. How does this model fair? Sales in​ the​ beginning were very good as​ networkers called up other networkers to​ make sure they got in​ before the​ ‘two up’ compensation plan was put in​ place (far from the​ No Selling claim). Once the​ ‘two up’ comp plan was put in​ place sales plummeted. in​ order to​ make money here,​ you​ will have to​ MARKET to​ other network marketers. the​ teleseminar is​ designed to​ sell people who have been through the​ wringer with other programs,​ and the​ value of​ the​ toolbox is​ not immediately apparent to​ the​ internet newbie.

Emerald Passport is​ another supposedly “passive” business. They have an​ online presentation that claims that if​ you​ buy their information products you’ll have access to​ their presentation that once on​ the​ web will drive thousands of​ people to​ send you​ $1000 over and over again. For the​ internet novice,​ this seems like a​ dream come true. Once you​ look under the​ marketing hype,​ you​ find that the​ new rep is​ responsible for driving traffic to​ their presentation,​ and then once the​ prospects fills in​ their info,​ they are meant to​ follow-up with and close the​ prospect. Someone who has never been in​ sales may well find this to​ be next to​ impossible. Passive? No,​ not at​ all. you​ have an​ online business presentation,​ that’s all. There is​ nothing passive about Emerald Passport.

The Automated Sales System for Coastal Vacations proposes to​ automate the​ sales process once the​ prospect has opted into the​ website. the​ online movie presentation does the​ explaining,​ and then the​ tour describes the​ packages available. if​ someone requests a​ ‘callback’,​ then a​ personal marketing assistant (a professional closer) closes all sales. to​ its credit,​ the​ System’s marketing material makes it​ clear that you​ will have to​ market the​ website in​ order to​ make any money. you​ cannot simply buy a​ vacation package and sit back and collect big bucks. you​ don’t have to​ be a​ salesperson,​ but you​ will have to​ market. the​ back office has marketing tools,​ but if​ they aren’t applied,​ your site will sit dead on​ the​ net.

In short,​ the​ words passive and business don’t really belong in​ the​ same sentence! Beware of​ any business that claims you​ can simply buy in​ and watch your bank account grow. you​ will need to​ work in​ order to​ make any money online,​ period. if​ you​ have no intention of​ learning how to​ be an​ internet marketer,​ do not put your hard earned dollars into any program. Learn what is​ expected of​ you​ before you​ pull out your wallet. Find out how others are doing with the​ program you​ are looking at. if​ it​ claims to​ be fully passive – steer clear. at​ the​ point of​ writing,​ I know of​ no ‘business’ that offers a​ product that is​ totally passive and earning an​ income for anyone who bought into it​ and did NOTHING.

Do Automated Internet Businesses Live Up To Their Hype

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