Divide And Conquer The Benefits Of Microsites

We see it​ a​ lot on​ the web. Companies displaying menu after menu of​ services and​ products. It’s a​ fine balance between appearing as​ a​ “Jack of​ all, master of​ none”, and​ showing your​ company is​ flexible and​ comprehensive in​ what it​ can offer.

Microsites can be used to​ address this​ problem to​ a​ certain​ extent.

What is​ a​ Microsite?

A microsite is​ a​ website concentrated on​ a​ very specific product or​ service. They can range in​ size from a​ single landing page, to​ several linked pages, to​ an​ interactive flash experience based around that particular product or​ service. Which one is​ best for​ you​ will depend on​ your​ industry, audience and​ your​ product, but a​ microsite will help to​ bring focus and​ relevancy to​ a​ specific product or​ service.

What are the benefits?

There are plenty of​ reasons to​ consider siphoning off some of​ your​ services and​ giving them their own site. in​ no particular order, here are some points to​ think about:

A microsite gives you​ the opportunity to​ break away from your​ corporate brand, which may or​ may not be restricting the growth of​ one of​ your​ products or​ services. for​ example, a​ bank might be launching a​ new account aimed at​ student savings.

Address the overcrowding issue
Offering site visitors too much choice and​ no obvious path through your​ site from initial landing to​ a​ call to​ action. So many times we see home pages which have yards and​ yards of​ text, telling the visitors a​ hundred different messages. if​ it​ takes a​ visitor a​ long time to​ find what they want, they will become frustrated and​ leave.

Delve into the details
With so many different products and​ services on​ one site it​ may not be possible to​ go into too much detail on​ each one. a​ microsite offers the freedom to​ go into more details, like specifications, history, press coverage etc.

Communicate with your​ target audience
your​ audience are more likely to​ respond if​ the website seems relevant to​ them in​ terms of​ graphic design and​ the tone of​ the copy.

Define you​ as​ a​ specialist
A microsite will help to​ establish you​ as​ an​ expert, which people will remember. Want to​ buy pink envelopes? Then go to​ http://www.pinkenvelopes.com!

Highly targeted
When visitors get to​ your​ site they will be presented with exactly what they want without having to​ look for​ it. The whole site can be geared towards a​ single call to​ action. Very useful for​ pay-per-click campaigns.

Search engines will like you
A domain​ name with relevant keywords in​ it, and​ a​ site which is​ highly focussed around a​ particular product or​ service will likely perform better in​ the search engines

Leverage direct mail campaigns
A microsite can be created for​ mail campaigns as​ a​ landing point, specifically designed for​ the offer and​ reflecting the branding, design and​ tone of​ the printed piece to​ aid the transition​ from one media type to​ another. it​ is​ then also possible to​ track the performance of​ the campaign, by having a​ specific microsite with web statistics will give a​ lot of​ valuable insight into the effectiveness of​ the campaign.

Product launches
They can be used for​ new product/service launches. it​ gives your​ product an​ identity of​ its own and​ sets it​ apart from everything you​ have done in​ the past.

I said that these were in​ no particular order, but I have saved the best for​ last, which should be self explanatory from the following statistic:

“50% of​ visitors to​ any website will only look at​ the home page, then leave”

if​ your​ homepage is​ completely relevant to​ them, contains enough key information​ and​ includes an​ obvious call to​ action, then you​ will bypass this​ widely accepted statistic.

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