Discover The Secrets Of Effective Marketing

Discover the​ Secrets of​ Effective Marketing
The discipline of​ marketing can often be complex and confusing .​
as​ a​ marketing veteran,​ I​ have seen countless marketing professionals get hung up on​ various aspects of​ marketing which have little impact on​ actual marketing results .​
Based on​ my experience,​ there are four critical elements to​ an​ effective marketing campaign .​
Whether you’re looking to​ improve your search engine marketing results,​ internet marketing,​ or​ marketing in​ general,​ be sure to​ follow these simple guidelines which I​ refer to​ as​ the​ A.T.O.M approach.
A.T.O.M – Audience,​ Timing,​ Offer,​ Message
1 .​
Know Your Audience .​
No one can effectively market,​ communicate,​ or​ sell without knowing their audience or​ what motivates them to​ buy .​
is​ your potential customer male or​ female? Young or​ old? a​ first time buyer or​ frequent purchaser? Are they the​ final decision maker? Do they have preferences for a​ particular product,​ service,​ or​ delivery method? the​ more you​ know about your audience,​ the​ more targeted and relevant your marketing can be .​

2 .​
Timing is​ Everything .​
Even with the​ most convincing marketing campaign,​ prospects will have no interest in​ your product or​ service if​ you​ aren’t communicating to​ them at​ the​ right time .​
Be sure your marketing message is​ in​ front of​ prospects when they’re ready to​ buy .​
This could be at​ a​ particular time of​ year or​ perhaps prior to​ a​ life event.
3 .​
Finding the​ Right Offer .​
in​ direct marketing,​ experts say that results are 40% dependant on​ your list,​ 40% on​ the​ offer,​ and 20% on​ your creative .​
the​ same is​ true for internet marketing,​ search engine marketing,​ and the​ like .​
Test your offers and find the​ one that out performs all the​ others .​
This offer should continually be tested and refined to​ improve your results.
4 .​
Its all about the​ Messaging .​
If you​ know your audience well enough,​ you​ should be able to​ craft a​ message that addresses their needs and differentiates your product or​ service from the​ competition .​
Additionally,​ be sure to​ stress benefits over features .​
This will give your audience a​ reason to​ read,​ try,​ and buy.
The next time you​ are conducting a​ marketing campaign,​ use the​ A.T.O.M .​
approach .​
Knowing your audience,​ ensuring that you​ reach them when they’re ready to​ buy,​ experimenting to​ find the​ most productive offer,​ and communicating to​ them productively,​ are essential for any marketing campaign to​ deliver results.

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