Direct Email Marketing Made Easy

Direct Email Marketing Made Easy

Forget direct email marketing for a​ second,​ and tell me if​ this has ever happened to​ you. you​ go outside and open your mailbox. you​ get the​ usual: bills,​ bank statements,​ maybe a​ phoney million-dollar offer. But then,​ in​ the​ middle of​ it​ all,​ you​ see an​ envelope from your favourite restaurant. “Thanks for being a​ loyal customer,​” it​ says. “Next time you​ come by,​ let us treat you​ to​ a​ free dessert.”

Now I’m not exactly the​ coupon-clipping kind of​ guy,​ but when I run into an​ offer that’s so relevant to​ me,​ I simply can’t resist it. Millions of​ you​ are like that too. And guess what? Millions of​ you​ check your email more often than your actual mailboxes.

That’s where direct email marketing comes in. Forget spam. Spam’s just the​ phoney million-dollar offer,​ and direct email marketing is​ miles away from that. Direct email marketing is​ reaching the​ right customers,​ with the​ right offers.

Let’s go back to​ that coupon you​ received from your favourite restaurant,​ and let’s think about it​ from the​ restaurant’s point of​ view. if​ you​ clip that coupon and come into the​ restaurant,​ their direct marketing efforts were successful.

However,​ to​ get that coupon into your hands,​ the​ restaurant had to​ pay for printing,​ buy and stuff envelopes,​ address them to​ you​ and then pay for postage. And chances are the​ restaurant hired someone to​ do the​ printing,​ maybe someone else to​ the​ design,​ the​ envelope stuffing,​ etc. if​ you’ve ever sent flyers or​ coupons in​ the​ mail,​ you’ll know it’s both expensive and time-consuming.

Here’s the​ beauty of​ direct email marketing. First of​ all,​ direct email marketing programs are packaged so you​ can do it​ yourself. the​ emails are all pre-designed,​ and the​ backend is​ already taken care of​ for you. All you​ have to​ do is​ sit on​ your computer for about 10 minutes and click a​ few buttons. There’s no postage,​ no stuffing,​ no expensive printing fees.

And as​ small business owners have begun to​ discover the​ power of​ email,​ many direct email marketing programs are now built for non-technical folk. So even if​ all you​ can do on​ your computer is​ check your email and browse the​ web,​ you​ can still be an​ expert in​ these programs right away.

What’s more is​ you’ll still get access to​ the​ most advanced functionality. Let’s get back into the​ restaurant owner’s shoes. We’ve just sent a​ Free Dessert email coupon to​ all the​ customers who filled out our customer satisfaction survey and gave us their email addresses. We also included a​ “Forward to​ a​ Friend” link,​ so our customers can email the​ Free Dessert coupon to​ their friends.

Now (and here comes my favorite part about direct email marketing),​ we can go into the​ Reports and Stats section of​ our direct email marketing program and get deep into our campaign. We can see exactly who opened our messages,​ and when they did it. We can even see who forwarded their coupons to​ their friends.

And we don’t have to​ stop there. We can group all our readers who forwarded their coupons to​ a​ friend and offer them an​ extra incentive (We know they like to​ tell their friends about us,​ so why not offer them 25% Off when they bring in​ two or​ more friends?).

Information is​ power,​ and direct email marketing is​ one of​ the​ most effective ways to​ gather that information and put it​ to​ good use. So next time you​ get that flyer for your favorite restaurant,​ think about how much unnecessary money and time that restaurant owner is​ spending. Think about how much information he’s missing out on,​ and think about how much better things would be if​ he sent that flyer through direct email marketing.

Direct Email Marketing Made Easy

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