Direct Email Marketing Keeps You Linked To Your Customers

Direct Email Marketing Keeps You Linked To Your Customers

Direct email marketing is​ the​ solution to​ a​ very big problem for online retailers. Ask anyone looking at​ the​ traffic reports for their online store and they will tell you​ that nothing drives them more crazy than getting someone to​ their site (either naturally or​ through an​ advertisement) and then seeing them leave. They’re gone into the​ abyss that is​ the​ online market place,​ possibly never to​ return again. at​ this point they’re pretty much gone. This represents another lost customer,​ lost revenue,​ and increased frustration. if​ only there was some way you​ could stay linked in​ with that customer. you​ know they had some interest in​ your offering (after all,​ they ended up at​ your site in​ the​ first place) and maybe their next trip is​ the​ one that converts. Introduce a​ direct email marketing solution as​ part of​ your marketing and strategic mix and you​ might be able to​ lure those lost patrons back.

It’s a​ proven fact that it​ can take up to​ 6 touch points before a​ customer trusts you​ enough to​ make a​ purchase. Are you​ planning on​ achieving all 6 touch points on​ one visit? That is​ a​ very ambitious goal. Chances are you’ll get some touch points in​ on​ the​ first visit,​ but those are only the​ first steps. you​ can easily add a​ signup box to​ your website from any major email marketing company and collect visitors’ addresses. Once you​ have that,​ it’s a​ path to​ getting the​ necessary touch points to​ seal the​ deal.

Once you​ have a​ person’s permission to​ contact them (remember,​ do not spam as​ it​ will hurt your business in​ the​ long run!) you​ can easily create snazzy email marketing promotion to​ get them back to​ your site. Whether you’re selling T-shirts,​ office furniture,​ or​ DVDs,​ you​ know that certain deals just can’t be passed up. Why not put one of​ those deals in​ front of​ your customers and get their mouth a​ little wet. Even if​ it’s been weeks since they visited your t-shirt site,​ for example,​ if​ you​ offer a​ “buy 1 shirt,​ get 1 free” deal,​ you’ll see an​ instant spike in​ traffic and a​ boost in​ conversions. Reaching out to​ customer has always been the​ role of​ direct marketing,​ but now,​ with email marketing,​ it​ all happens electronically.

Direct email marketing is​ a​ powerful tool that can boost your sales,​ but don’t expect that to​ happen without a​ little effort on​ your part. you​ need to​ take the​ time to​ understand your customers,​ know what interests them,​ figure out how to​ pique their curiosity and make an​ offer based on​ all that. the​ more you​ target your email marketing message effectively,​ the​ greater your response rates will be,​ and the​ faster people will come back to​ your online store.

The online retail marketing place is​ fiercely aggressive and there are tons of​ competitors just a​ click away from your site. you​ need to​ outperform the​ competition by making sure your store is​ in​ front of​ the​ customer a​ lot more. With direct email marketing campaigns you​ can get your store information and special offers right in​ their inbox. you​ will ingrain your online brand in​ their minds so that come purchase time,​ they’ve racked up enough touch points that their decision is​ easy.

Direct email marketing is​ a​ gateway to​ building the​ relationships with your customers that will make them want to​ buy from you. By staying linked with your customers,​ you​ will develop an​ edge,​ because your offers will extend beyond your website and into the​ inbox of​ potential buyers.

Direct Email Marketing Keeps You Linked To Your Customers

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