Direct Drip Email Marketing Tactic

Direct Drip Email Marketing Tactic

If you​ have the​ products or​ services that you​ want to​ sell on​ the​ Internet,​ you’ll want to​ create a​ web site where you’ll advertise what you​ are offering and you’ll also want to​ spread a​ word about your products or​ services to​ the​ world. you​ can easily and quickly do it​ via email. Email marketing is​ certainly one of​ the​ most powerful strategies in​ internet marketing. It’s quick,​ cost effective - you​ do not have to​ pay a​ set price for every email that is​ sent out - and allows contact people in​ all parts of​ the​ world. So,​ you​ can get more purchasers and respectively more revenue for less investment of​ time and money.

How does one accomplish bulk email marketing campaign?

You can use online bulk emailing services,​ or​ you​ can pay a​ marketing firm to​ do your bulk email promotions,​ or​ you​ can use direct email marketing software to​ distribute your email campaigns sitting at​ your computer.

Using software can be the​ most cost-effective method if​ you​ have the​ time to​ manage your prospects list and accomplish your email campaigns with a​ constant frequency.

There is​ wide choice of​ direct email marketing software packages available on​ the​ Internet market. Some are even freeware programs that don't require any investment. Although they don't generally have the​ value-added features that come with software packages that you​ purchase; however,​ if​ you​ aren't running a​ large email marketing campaign,​ they may suit your needs for accomplishing specific tasks just fine.

What is​ Drip Email Marketing?

The concept behind drip email marketing consists in​ sending periodic emails to​ prospects and clients hoping to​ bring them to​ your website and make them purchase products or​ services. it​ is​ an​ effective method to​ generate new purchasers from your prospects and keeping relationship with your existing clients.
Drip Email Marketing tactic results from the​ idea that nobody purchases online products or​ services instantly. a​ visitor can come to​ your web site a​ few times before he becomes a​ purchaser. Keeping this in​ mind,​ how are you​ going to​ stimulate your prospectsEinterest to​ your site and keep them informed about your products and services? This is​ where a​ drip email marketing campaign is​ quite to​ the​ point.

Imagine that a​ prospect has just visited your site and left you​ the​ email address. It’s important to​ note that you​ should add a​ sign-in form to​ your web site to​ collect the​ prospectsEemail addresses. It’s rather useful if​ your sign-in form asks the​ subscriber to​ provide some about additional and not only the​ email address. I’m not talking about private information. I’m talking about the​ subscriber’s area of​ interest,​ hobbies,​ specific needs,​ or​ at​ least the​ emails he prefers to​ receive,​ text or​ HTML. All this information will help you​ segment your prospects and send more relevant email messages to​ each group.

So,​ based on​ the​ subscribersEpreferences,​ you​ set up a​ drip email marketing campaign catered to​ their specific needs. Each message you​ send them give more information about their inquiries slightly hinting them at​ you​ and your products or​ services. it​ is​ an​ importunate way to​ stamp your name in​ their mind. Remember,​ you​ don’t sell anything yet. you​ just give an​ advice and information about their particular needs and wishes.

For your existing clients,​ a​ drip email marketing campaign is​ similar. you​ only need to​ tailor the​ emails so they are oriented to​ the​ client after purchase. Your email drips must contain relevant information that can help the​ customer with the​ products or​ services he purchased. the​ customer must be sure that you​ are always there to​ assist him. When your client believes that you​ are a​ faithful and reliable partner,​ he is​ ready to​ purchase again from you.

It may probably sound like you​ will need more than one tool to​ accomplish your drip email marketing campaign. But you​ can find many programs on​ the​ Internet that can handle your growing lists of​ prospective and present clients. Our email management software must be flexible enough to​ treat each client or​ prospect according to​ the​ routine of​ your drip email campaign.

The most important thing to​ remember about drip email marketing is​ that you​ must not send meaningless emails. Each message must have an​ informative content,​ a​ real reason to​ contact your prospects and clients,​ not just a​ note saying "Hi!" or​ "How are you?".

If your drip marketing email cannot keep the​ client's interest,​ it​ will be deleted immediately next time when they read the​ sender's email address. We all are busy people and won’t spend our time for dull messages. if​ you​ are trying to​ build the​ relationship based on​ trust and faith,​ you​ cannot tolerate that they never open your emails. you​ can start directly from the​ subject line. the​ subject itself must grab people’s attention and make them want to​ read your message. This is​ the​ essential concept behind a​ drip email marketing campaign - to​ develop a​ trust and faithful relationship with your customer by sending valuable information. When the​ rapport of​ informative and useful emails is​ established,​ your clients and prospects will be looking forward for every email from you​ and they will even recommend your company and your products to​ others. Isn’t it​ exactly what you​ want for you​ business? I’m sure it​ is.

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