Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing
Utilizing online distributions methods to​ promote products is​ known as​ digital marketing .​
This approach is​ both time saving and cost effective .​
Digital marketing is​ done through items such as​ cell phones,​ SMS,​ MMS,​ instant messaging,​ websites,​ emails,​ banner advertisement and digital billboards.
Digital marketing involves some of​ the​ techniques of​ direct marketing and Internet marketing .​
In digital marketing traditional methods of​ promotions are executed digitally .​
It involves marketing in​ two forms,​ pull and push.
Pull digital marketing requires the​ user to​ pull or​ extract the​ content directly .​
The customer has to​ approach the​ promotional matter and see the​ matter by himself .​
Examples are websites,​ forums and web logs .​
All these require clicking on​ a​ URL in​ order to​ view the​ content .​
The content that is​ being displayed doesn’t have to​ follow any guidelines .​
Effort is​ required to​ only display the​ content on​ the​ website or​ forum and there is​ no additional cost of​ sending the​ information to​ the​ customer,​ but the​ customer has to​ make the​ extra effort of​ reaching to​ the​ content .The customer doesn’t have to​ opt-in for such kind of​ promotion and one message is​ being viewed by all and it​ cannot be personalized .​
The customers who see the​ content cannot be traced,​ although the​ click through rate can be considered which give details about the​ number of​ clicks the​ message received .​
This is​ be done by enabling the​ click though tracking during the​ campaign,​ which records the​ information.
Push digital marketing technologies requires the​ effort of​ both the​ marketer and the​ customer .​
The marketer has to​ push or​ send the​ content to​ the​ customer and the​ customer has to​ make the​ effort of​ receiving it .​
This is​ a​ very effective kind of​ marketing and the​ investments surely earn a​ big return as​ it​ creates brand recognition .​
SMS,​ MMS,​ emails,​ RSS podcasting are examples of​ push digital marketing .​
Since the​ content is​ sent to​ individuals,​ it​ can be personalized according to​ the​ intended recipient .​
Whether the​ message has been opened and viewed by the​ customer or​ deleted it​ can be tracked and reported .​
Information related to​ the​ customer such as​ name,​ geographical location could be traced .​
But when sending this king of​ message,​ certain criteria should be met as​ the​ SMS and emails sent are monitored .​
If the​ marketer doesn’t follow the​ rules and regulations properly,​ there is​ a​ possibility of​ messages getting rejected and blocked,​ before they reach the​ targeted audience and the​ message is​ considered to​ be spam .​
Bigger consequences involve marketers getting blacklisted temporarily or​ even permanently .​
The number would be blocked and they won’t be able to​ send any messages at​ all .​
Messages sent to​ the​ RSS feeders require a​ mechanism with an​ application to​ reach,​ when sent by an​ email marketing system .​

Both forms of​ digital marketing should be used in​ consonance to​ achieve positive results .​
a​ smart marketer sends out emails along with SMS and uses multiple channels to​ market his products .​
The type of​ messages being sent should also be different from one another .​
They should not only be text,​ but animations,​ audios and videos .​
There is​ a​ possibility of​ using pull and push message technologies in​ conjunction like the​ email sent to​ a​ potential customer can have a​ URL or​ a​ banner ad,​ which on​ clicking downloads information .​
If there is​ enormous group of​ people to​ be reached via email,​ Email service providers can be hired who sends loads of​ emails to​ the​ customers on​ behalf of​ the​ marketer and they take measures so that the​ messages are not considered as​ spam.
Although much of​ the​ marketing is​ opt-in,​ federal laws,​ such as​ CAN SPAM Act,​ have been passed to​ protect the​ customers from unscrupulous marketers who would go to​ any extent to​ promote their products or​ hackers or​ spammers who have a​ bad intent i.e .​
like harming the​ computer or​ installing adware,​ spyware on​ people’s computers.

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