Diet Patches Do They Really Work For Weight Loss

With the​ obesity epidemic that is​ going on​ today,​ a​ diet patch seems like it​ could be a​ miracle cure.

A diet patch is​ a​ small self-adhesive square something like a​ bandage that you place somewhere on​ your body that is​ supposed to​ help you melt the​ pounds off by suppressing the​ appetite and increasing the​ metabolism. Often the​ ingredients are the​ same as​ those found in​ weight loss pills,​ but the​ ingredients in​ the​ patch enter the​ body through the​ skin.

Sticking on​ a​ diet patch sounds convenient and easy,​ but are diet patches too good to​ be true?

There are very few diet,​ weight loss,​ or​ fat burner products that actually work well. There has been several major diet patch scams in​ the​ news lately. These scandals have made people question whether diet patches or​ even patches in​ general are effective at​ all.

There is​ no doubt that some kinds of​ patches work well. Many prescription medicines are now administered in​ patch form,​ as​ well as​ nicotine transdermal patches,​ which are given to​ people who are trying to​ quit smoking.

The skin on​ our body is​ actually an​ organ that enables some things to​ enter the​ body,​ and blocks others. There are capillary networks in​ the​ skin that allow certain substances to​ enter the​ bloodstream. These networks can help deliver medications found in​ the​ patches.

According to​ scientists,​ some drugs have the​ right properties to​ penetrate the​ skin and are potent enough to​ be effective at​ low doses. These drugs,​ such as​ the​ drug scopolamine,​ used to​ treat motion sickness,​ can be delivered transdermally (through the​ skin). Technical advances in​ the​ last 20-30 years are making patches a​ much more common form of​ medicine delivery,​ and many are saying that it​ will be the​ method choice for the​ future,​ because they have controlled-release.

Instead of​ dumping a​ high concentration of​ the​ drug into the​ blood stream at​ once,​ which then slowly drops to​ a​ very low level at​ which time the​ patient takes another dose,​ a​ controlled-release system,​ such as​ a​ patch,​ keeps the​ drug at​ a​ constant and safe level in​ the​ blood stream.

So,​ while patches can be an​ effective form of​ delivery for medicines and even herbs,​ the​ question still persists,​ do diet patches work?

The answer all depends on​ what ingredients are used and how they are prepared. Each company's diet patch is​ different. as​ we​ can tell from all the​ diet patch scandals,​ many are totally ineffective because of​ the​ way they are manufactured or​ the​ herbs and ingredients used in​ them. Be very careful before you purchase any diet patch.

There are diet patches that are very effective,​ as​ many people who have lost weight with them can tell you. But a​ diet patch alone,​ without any change in​ a​ poor diet or​ unhealthy lifestyle,​ will probably have little effect. On the​ other hand,​ a​ good diet patch could possibly be just the​ incentive a​ person needs to​ make the​ changes to​ a​ healthier lifestyle that promotes weight loss-- by adding energy,​ suppressing the​ appetite,​ and spurring the​ metabolism into action.

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