Diet Compliance Vs Diet Cheating How Strict Should Your Weight Loss Program Be

Diet Compliance Vs. Diet Cheating How Strict Should Your Weight Loss Program Be?
Depriving yourself of​ foods you enjoy is​ not productive to​ your fat loss efforts in​ the​ long run. if​ you want to​ lose fat permanently and healthfully without going crazy with cravings or​ battling with binges,​ then here’s what you must do instead Find a​ sensible way to​ work even your most sinful favorite foods into your diet,​ but do it​ in​ an amount and frequency that doesnt set you back or​ sabotage your progress.
This can be done by allowing yourself some cheat meals some people call them free meals or​ reward meals.
One really good way to​ look at​ the​ cheat meals concept is​ in​ terms of​ compliance,​ which means,​ what percentage of​ your meals are following the​ guidelines of​ the​ program and what percentage are off the​ program.
Too many meals or​ days off the​ program and your results are compromised. Too many days in​ a​ row eating nothing but rabbit food and you go insane with cravings,​ right?
How much you need to​ comply stick with your diet program varies from person to​ person. it​ depends a​ lot on​ how ambitious your goals are and on​ how responsive your body is​ to​ nutrition and exercise.
When making your decision,​ keep in​ mind we​ all have different genetics and body types,​ which is​ something I ​ discuss in​ great detail in​ my book,​ Burn the​ Fat,​ Feed the​ Muscle.
For example,​ are you a​ carbtolerant mesomorph who gains muscle easily and loses fat easily or​ are you a​ carbsensitive endomorph who gains fat easily? Depending on​ the​ answer,​ your diet program may need to​ be more or​ less strict than others.
Dont compare yourself to​ others you have to​ get to​ know your own body type. Some people can Get away with more cheat meals and still make progress Yeah,​ I ​ hate them too!
Unless youre a​ competitor in​ physique sports like bodybuilding,​ fitness or​ figure,​ or​ youre getting ready for some type of​ transformation challenge or​ photo shoot,​ I ​ suggest at​ least 90% compliance.
Whether you adjust your level of​ compliance above 90% get more strict or​ below 90% get more lenient,​ depends how far away or​ close you are from achieving your goals,​ and most importantly,​ on​ what kind of​ results youre getting each week.
If youre complying 90% of​ the​ time,​ and you’re getting awesome results,​ then you dont have to​ change a​ thing,​ and you may be able to​ loosen up your diet a​ little. I ​ know some people who are definitely only on​ the​ program 80% or​ 85% of​ the​ time and they look great.
90% compliance means you are following healthy nutritious,​ fatburning eating guidelines 9 meals out of​ 10. For example,​ if​ youre eating small frequent meals like any effective fat loss program suggests,​ thats 5 small meals a​ day X 7 days a​ week = 35 meals. 90% compliance means about 3132 of​ those meals are spoton! the​ other 3 or​ 4 are for you to​ enjoy special occasions,​ reward yourself,​ and live a​ little.
If youre like most people,​ and you simply want to​ drop a​ few pounds,​ trim a​ few inches off your waistline and look better in​ shorts or​ in​ a​ swimsuit for summer,​ then 100% compliance is​ unrealistic and unnecessary. 90% compliance is​ more realistic as​ a​ lifestyle,​ while being strict enough for most people to​ get results.
On the​ other hand,​ if​ you had a​ very ambitious goal like preparing for a​ figure or​ fitness competition and you thought you had to​ reach at​ least 12 or​ 13% body fat which is​ very low for women,​ and you knew you would be onstage with judges looking at​ every inch of​ your body in​ a​ teeny bikini paying very close attention to​ whether anything on​ your butt and thighs was jiggling,​ then you would want to​ be as​ strict as​ possible during the​ pre contest diet period 100% compliance or​ very close to​ it.
Keep in​ mind that in​ a​ competitive situation,​ every time you cheat and your competitors dont cheat,​ you decrease your probability of​ placing high in​ the​ contests.
Unless you have a​ competitive physique goal like this,​ however,​ then total deprivation of​ pleasure foods or​ cheat meals 100% compliance,​ is​ not necessary because you always tend to​ crave what you cannot have. Thats a​ binge waiting to​ happen.
I prefer this 90 or​ 95% compliance approach over the​ entire day of​ cheating approach,​ because I ​ have seen people use the​ term cheat day pretty loosely basically making it​ the​ equivalent of​ BINGE DAY,​ and they do a​ lot of​ damage in​ terms of​ setting their progress back.
They end up frantically playing catch up for the​ better half of​ the​ following week with punishing extra exercise and dietary deprivation. Slow and steady is​ better than binge and punish dont you agree?
Allow yourself some leeway. Enjoy food. Enjoy life. Have your pizza,​ or​ chocolate or​ whatever makes your stomach happy. it​ will help,​ not hurt in​ the​ long run. Just be sure to​ be mindful of​ your calorie limits,​ and when you say you are going to​ comply 90% of​ the​ time,​ then keep your promise to​ yourself and comply!

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