Did You Know That Its Ok To Have And Make Money

Did you​ know that it's ok to​ have and make money?
Written by Chris Cobb
This week,​ I'm going to​ provide you​ with some excellent online business tips that will help any business,​ and also I’ll tell you​ a​ story about an​ e-mail that I​ received this week.
Firstly,​ on​ New Year's Eve I​ met a​ friend of​ a​ friend.. .​
We were allowed by our respective partners to​ talk business for an​ hour over dinner! in​ all seriousness,​ we'd spoken before,​ but this was the​ first time that we'd met in​ person so we had our excuses...
Anyway,​ he has a​ similar background to​ myself - he's a​ normal person just like you​ and me.. .​
But,​ he decided one day that the​ office and a​ 9-5 job just wasn't what he wanted to​ do for the​ rest of​ his working life .​
The result of​ this decision was that he refinanced his house and set-up his very own landscape gardening business in​ his local area.
He told me that one day it​ just hit him - out of​ the​ blue .​
He realised that he only had one shot at​ this life and he hated what he was doing at​ the​ time.. .​
and he wanted to​ make more money… And I​ could certainly relate to​ that!
His business has been going for over one year now,​ but he did confess that 2018 was going to​ be a​ make or​ break year for him in​ terms of​ purely finance.. .​
And as​ we talked more it​ became obvious to​ me that for the​ immediate future he needed to​ target very specific 'contracts' that would bring his business a​ residual income for the​ entire year or​ perhaps longer.
In the​ past,​ he'd been dropping a​ simple leaflet through doors,​ or​ letters to​ the​ bigger clients - and we talked about what the​ leaflets and letters contained .​
They were good in​ content,​ but I​ suggested that he needed to​ stand out from his competition by offering something in​ addition to​ the​ service that everyone was offering .​
i.e to​ maintain your garden for £x every month.
So,​ with my marketing hat firmly on​ and in​ place,​ I​ suggested that he offer something free - as​ an​ additional bonus for winning the​ contract .​
Something that would encourage the​ potential client to​ become a​ paying client...
I told him that he needed to​ focus on​ his customer - what do they want from a​ landscape gardener? What are they really looking for? It's not primarily cost,​ but something to​ make you​ stand out from the​ competition.
He told me that potential clients were often unsure as​ to​ the​ quality of​ the​ job or​ whether gardeners could be trusted .​
Well,​ this was it.. .​
this was the​ 'clincher' that I​ was looking for...
He's since added a​ few testimonial quotes to​ his sales letter and is​ now offering a​ 'first month free' service to​ all maintenance contracts signed in​ January .​
Of course,​ he's adjusted the​ price to​ accommodate this free month,​ but the​ importance is​ winning the​ contract in​ the​ first place.. .​
And I​ understand from speaking to​ him this week that he's already arranged two meetings with potential clients for next week.
You see,​ marketing and sales is​ all about knowing what your market wants .​
If you​ can offer them what they want at​ a​ reasonable price and make yourself stand out from the​ competition,​ then you'll be successful .​
To target your market,​ you​ can then use leaflets,​ direct mail,​ internet marketing,​ e-mail marketing or​ even a​ telephone call.
My tip for this week is,​ therefore,​ to​ get inside the​ head of​ your customer and then ask yourself (as the​ customer) what do I​ really want? Once you​ master this,​ the​ rest will be simple.
Moving on...
I received an​ e-mail that upset me this week - it​ was from someone that isn't a​ customer of​ mine questioning how to​ set-up an​ online business .​
I​ always try to​ help everyone that I​ come into contact with,​ so I​ responded to​ a​ series of​ questions from this person in​ an​ attempt to​ help them get started.. .​
The response to​ my final e-mail amazed me!
It read something along the​ lines of​ it's alright for you​ - you​ do this for a​ living...
Well,​ what do you​ say to​ that?!
Believe it​ or​ not,​ I​ wasn't born with my home-based online business in​ a​ box - ready to​ open and start making money whenever I​ felt like it .​
There was a​ time when I​ knew nothing about the​ internet,​ nothing about marketing techniques and even general business knowledge let alone an​ online business!
So to​ say something so defeatest just amazed me .​
To me,​ it's like saying that becoming a​ self-made millionaire just isn't possible...
Sure,​ people have done it,​ but that doesn't mean that I​ can do it?!!
So much of​ where you​ are and what you​ do is​ in​ your mind,​ which is​ why I​ want to​ make the​ following statement regarding the​ rich and successful amongst us:
Everyone has the​ right to​ become wealthy and experience financial freedom .​
Those that do… believe that it's ok to​ make and have money...
And if​ you​ think about this statement for just a​ moment and consider all the​ negativity associated with having or​ making money,​ then it​ becomes very clear as​ to​ what this means.
At a​ young age,​ we're taught that money is​ the​ root of​ all evil and money can't buy you​ love/friends .​
We also see our parents using credit and spending everything they have,​ so we copy them...
My parents retired BEFORE they'd paid off their mortgage,​ so not only did I​ have absolutely no advantages than the​ 'normal' person.. .​
I​ saw that working all your life was NOT the​ way to​ go.
If you​ take only this from this online business message,​ it​ should be that any business can be improved with the​ correct and most cost-effective marketing .​
And in​ order to​ succeed you​ need to​ start thinking like the​ rich - it's ok to​ make money.. .​
and lots of​ money at​ that.
Best wishes,​
Chris Cobb

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