Determining Marketing Effectiveness Even If You Didn T Track

Determining Marketing Effectiveness Even If You Didn T Track

Determining Marketing Effectiveness Even If you​ Didn't Track
What if​ you've done a​ variety of​ marketing activities over the​ past year,​ but you​ did not establish any way to​ track the​ response? Now you​ don’t know what worked and what didn’t .​
Is there anything you​ can do now before you​ continue with your marketing efforts and potentially continue spending money on​ not-so-effective marketing activities?

First of​ all,​ don’t beat yourself up .​
You are not alone .​
In fact,​ one of​ my biggest challenges as​ a​ marketing consultant has been to​ get my clients to​ track the​ effectiveness of​ their various marketing activities.
The first thing to​ do is​ recognize the​ importance of​ tracking,​ and make sure that you​ have a​ plan in​ place to​ track all of​ your future marketing activities .​
The simplest way to​ track is​ to​ ask each new customer where or​ how they found out about you.

You may also want to​ consider including a​ code on​ any flyers or​ brochures that you​ distribute,​ and providing a​ reason for the​ customer to​ bring that flyer in​ when they come to​ make a​ purchase .​
Reasons to​ return the​ flyer could be to​ take advantage of​ a​ special offer,​ or​ to​ get a​ discount or​ free bonus gift.

You can also do this by phone or​ on​ the​ Internet if​ that is​ how your customers make purchases .​
Simply ask them to​ provide you​ with the​ code on​ the​ brochure or​ flyer that they are calling or​ ordering from .​
Make sure the​ code is​ specific to​ the​ location or​ group of​ people that you​ distributed the​ flyer to.

If you​ are networking or​ speaking to​ a​ group and someone gives you​ their business card and agrees to​ receive your free report or​ e-newsletter,​ make sure you​ include a​ reference in​ your contact database of​ the​ event where you​ met them .​

As far as​ tracking your past marketing activities,​ consider asking your current customers how they found out about you​ .​
You could do a​ survey that includes a​ number of​ customer satisfaction questions,​ but also includes a​ question to​ determine how they found out about you​ .​
If you​ have a​ handful of​ clients that you​ work closely with and you​ really don’t know how they found you,​ pick up the​ phone and ask them .​

Either of​ these tactics should give you​ an​ idea of​ what marketing activities worked and which ones you​ may be able to​ do without in​ the​ future .​
If you're still not sure,​ continue with all the​ marketing activities,​ BUT put tracking mechanisms into place so you​ won't end up in​ the​ same boat next year.
(C) 2018 Debbie LaChusa,​ 10stepmarketing

Determining Marketing Effectiveness Even If You Didn T Track

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