Dedicated Server Essential Or Simply An Added Benefit

Dedicated Server Essential Or Simply An Added Benefit

Dedicated Server: Essential Or Simply An Added Benefit?
First lets talk about what a​ dedicated server is .​
a​ dedicated server is​ kind of​ what it​ sounds like .​
It is​ a​ server that is​ completely owned by its user and​ therefore avoids all of​ the usage and​ management hassles of​ a​ shared server .​
Often the management services are provided by the hosting company that leases these servers for​ an​ extra fee .​
They can be of​ all different sizes with anywhere from one to​ several different remote users being on​ the server at​ the same time.
The connectivity can be from one upstream link to​ several high quality links upstream depending on​ the quality of​ the dedicated server .​
Generally it​ is​ wise to​ pay more because you​ get the back up of​ several links in​ the event that one goes down and​ you​ are also able to​ have better connections often with other sites and​ other computers as​ you​ have several routes available to​ you​ with the different upstream links.
Benefits of​ the dedicated beyond the fact that you​ don’t have to​ share your​ space with anyone else are many .​
for​ one thing it​ is​ in​ a​ remote location​ .​
this​ allows you​ to​ connect and​ do your​ work from any other computer in​ the world that has connectivity to​ the internet .​
you​ also do this​ work with the benefit of​ an​ up-to-date processor and​ large memory capacity that does not depend on​ what you​ have available to​ you​ wherever you​ are .​
this​ allows you​ to​ do high quality and​ powerful work even from less than adequate computers that may be at​ your​ disposal depending on​ where you​ are .​
It basically provides you​ with another computer but for​ cheaper than it​ would be to​ invest in​ a​ new computer physically.
Another huge benefit that you​ get with a​ dedicated server is​ the company’s management service .​
you​ basically have a​ team of​ expert computer technicians watching your​ server making sure that it​ is​ secure and​ running smoothly .​
you​ also have them at​ your​ disposal when something is​ not working right or​ you​ are not sure what you​ are doing wrong .​
They generally are able to​ troubleshoot quickly and​ this​ service is​ included in​ the fee for​ the server itself.
So should you​ have a​ dedicated server? Well that depends on​ what your​ computing needs are .​
Generally the average computer user does not need the extra power and​ space and​ the larger companies have their own servers physically on​ location​ with their own staff managing them .​
So that leaves the small business owner who doesn’t want the overhead of​ staff and​ physical servers on​ location​ but need the extra power and​ space that a​ dedicated server will provide them .​
Typically these people enjoy the remote connectivity that these server’s provide so they can keep track of​ their work no matter where they are.

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