Cycling Push Those Pedals To Lose Weight And Get Fit

Cycling Push Those Pedals To Lose Weight And Get Fit

Pedal power,​ in​ all its varieties (road bike,​ exercise bike,​ or​ spinning bike) offers a​ wide range of​ health benefits including:

a.) Excellent calorie burn. (Typically 400 calories an​ hour for an​ exercise bike,​ 700-800 for a​ road bike,​ and 1000 for a​ spinning bike.)

b.) Superior cardiovascular conditioning. Cycling builds stamina and increases endurance while lower resting heart rate. Generally individuals who cycle regularly have a​ resting heart rate in​ the​ mid to​ low 60s.

c.) Lower body toning. Cycling is​ especially good to​ build leg muscles and for women,​ whose problem areas are often the​ hips and thighs,​ the​ slimming effect can be almost magical.

Many people prefer to​ cycle outdoors because there’s really nothing to​ replace the​ freedom and adventure to​ be had exploring under your own foot power. <Road bikes average $300-$400 for a​ correctly fitted,​ beginning model that includes:

1.) a​ comfortable saddle appropriate to​ the​ rider’s gender.
2.) a​ rack to​ carry a​ water bottle. (Drinking water is​ recommended every 20 minutes during a​ lengthy ride.)
3.) a​ ride computer that registers speed and distance traveled.
4.) Gears to​ assist with handling terrain.
5.) Appropriate illumination via reflectors and/or lights.
6.) Safety helmet.

These items represent the​ bare minimum for safe and effective operation. a​ ride computer is​ especially important as​ cycling is,​ generally speaking,​ an​ exercise in​ which the​ rider competes against himself for better speed and longer distances traveled.

Using a​ Heart Monitor

Where weight loss is​ the​ goal,​ it​ is​ also recommended that the​ cyclist use a​ heart monitor which includes a​ chest strap and a​ wrist unit that measures duration of​ exercise,​ time in​ “the zone” (your target heart rate to​ accomplish fat burning),​ average and maximum heart rate,​ and calories burned. One pound equals 3500 calories. if​ you manage a​ 500 calorie deficit (burn or​ expend more than you consume) you’ll lose approximately one pound per week.

Indoor Cycling

For individuals who do not like to​ be out in​ the​ elements,​ an​ exercise bike can be a​ comfortable way to​ cycle daily in​ the​ comfort of​ your own home. Many riders watch television while they pedal and cycling DVDs are available to​ create the​ illusion that you are traveling through the​ hills of​ the​ California wine country or​ perhaps the​ French countryside. Recumbent exercise bikes with their bucket seats are especially comfortable. For some riders,​ the​ different angle at​ which the​ recumbent bike places the​ body is​ even more effective for body slimming and overall the​ position is​ easier for the​ back and the​ backside.

Spinning Bikes for Indoor Cycling

Spinning bikes are a​ special class of​ exercise bikes that have weighted flywheels to​ simulate,​ as​ closely as​ is​ possible,​ the​ feel of​ riding a​ road bike indoors. Generally,​ spinning is​ done at​ a​ gym in​ a​ class environment or,​ if​ done at​ home,​ to​ directions from a​ DVD. the​ workout involves “intervals” of​ intense riding where the​ cyclist is​ standing in​ the​ pedals and working at​ maximum output balanced by seated periods of​ a​ lesser cadence. Spinning is​ hardcore exercise with maximum calorie burn. if​ you have not been working out,​ it’s best to​ get moderately in​ shape and to​ check with your physician before beginning a​ spinning program.

When to​ Cycle?

Almost any time of​ day is​ appropriate for cycling. Depending on​ the​ climate in​ your area,​ it​ may be best to​ ride in​ the​ morning or​ evening when temperatures are cooler. Some fitness experts recommend riding first thing in​ the​ morning before eating to​ stimulate the​ metabolism,​ while others suggest “fueling up” first. if​ you have trouble sleeping,​ avoid cycling just before bedtime as​ the​ stimulation will contribute to​ your insomnia. Regardless of​ when or​ where you choose to​ cycle,​ keep track of​ the​ numbers so you can monitor your improvement and work out at​ a​ pace and duration that will show effective results.

Benefits of​ Cycling

As an​ aerobic,​ fat burning exercise,​ cycling offers multiple health benefits. Upright exercise bikes can be purchase for as​ little as​ $150 while a​ recumbent will run from $300 to​ $600. These devices allow you to​ exercise regardless of​ the​ weather while road bikes get you out and about exploring and having fun while you get in​ shape. Spinning bikes can cost as​ much as​ $1500,​ so that’s an​ activity that will most likely send you to​ the​ gym. Regardless of​ the​ type of​ cycling you choose,​ you’ll begin to​ see results in​ a​ month or​ less,​ putting you well on​ the​ road to​ those lovely words -- long and lean.

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