Cyber Bingo Chat Room Games

Cyber Bingo Chat Room Games

One of​ the​ nice things about cyber bingo at​ is​ the​ great selection of​ chat room games you can participate in. the​ main components of​ these mini cyber bingo games is​ the​ chat room,​ a​ players e-mail software and situations arising from the​ cyber bingo game itself.

Now I will tell you a​ bit about some of​ the​ popular games available at​ Bingodrome.

Lucky Number

The cyber bingo player chooses a​ number between 2 and 74 and emails this number with the​ words "lucky number" in​ the​ subject line to​ the​ chat leader. When the​ numbers before and after your number are called on​ the​ number board,​ you must call 'lucky' and your number in​ the​ chat to​ win.

For example if​ you choose 24 as​ your number,​ look for 23 and 25 to​ be called,​ if​ this happens call 'lucky 24' in​ the​ chat.


A player chooses 2 numbers that add up to​ 21 and email these numbers with the​ word "blackjack" in​ the​ subject line to​ the​ chat leader. if​ the​ numbers you have chosen come up in​ a​ cyber bingo game you are playing,​ you must call 'blackjack' and your chosen numbers (for example 'blackjack 20 and 1') in​ the​ chat room to​ win.

Heaven Sevens

A player chooses any 2 numbers with the​ number '7' in​ them (for example 37 and 57) and email the​ chosen numbers with the​ words 'heaven sevens' in​ the​ email subject line. When your 2 numbers come up on​ the​ number board,​ call 'Sevens' and your 2 numbers (e.g. 'sevens 37 and 57') in​ the​ cyber bingo chat room to​ win.

In regards to​ the​ above games,​ please take note of​ these pointers:

1) Each of​ these chat games are played at​ a​ certain time of​ day.

2) in​ all the​ above games the​ player must remember to​ include her cyber bingo nickname when sending in​ her numbers.

3) the​ player who calls first in​ the​ chat room will win the​ game.

4) All these cyber bingo chat room games are played for fun with bonus credits as​ prizes.

5) For the​ player to​ be eligible for a​ prize from a​ chat room game,​ the​ player must have bought a​ minimum of​ 4 cards in​ the​ bingo game that the​ winning chat room game numbers came up in.

Cyber Bingo Chat Room Games

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