Corporate Concierge Services Offer Significant Benefits To Property
Managers Leasing Agents Tenants

Corporate Concierge Services Offer Significant Benefits To Property Managers Leasing Agents Tenants

Corporate Concierge Services Offer Significant Benefits to​ Property Managers, Leasing Agents,Tenants

Are you​ trying to​ present your​ commercial property for​ lease or​ sale in​ its best light so you​ can obtain​ the best price? Are you​ trying to​ reduce tenant turnover? Are you​ trying to​ cut costs while improving quality of​ service and​ tenant satisfaction? There is​ now one easy and​ effective method that would support better customer service, streamline productivity, and​ improve your​ financial bottom line. Sounds like the impossible dream, but it’s not.
To remain​ successful in​ today’s competitive real estate market, owner and​ property managers should consider what industry leaders are already instituting at​ their sites corporate concierge services. Offering tenant amenities is​ rapidly becoming the itfactor that makes all the difference.
in​ order for​ you​ to​ attract and​ retain​ quality tenants, you​ need to​ remain​ competitive in​ the real estate industry. Large property owners and​ property managers are becoming ever more consistently challenged to​ offer amenities that create a​ better environment for​ their tenants. Highrise apartment buildings, condos, and​ commercial office suites have recently be​gun​ to​ realize the benefits of​ corporate concierge services.
Partnering with a​ concierge service provider offers a​ means by which your​ commercial properties can offer a​ diverse array of​ services to​ simplify their tenants’ lives and​ improve company assets while streamlining their business tasks. Whether it​ be the addition​ of​ dry cleaning services, procuring event tickets, automobile assistance, property maintenance, or​ beyond, implementing a​ comprehensive and​ attractive concierge package ensures that your​ tenants can conveniently access quality service, hasslefree, onestop support easily and​ quickly.
Tenants are impressed when they can immediately reach a​ ‘live’ person​ who will listen and​ work with them towards remedying their complaints or​ desires. The Tenant Loyalty division​ of​ a​ concierge service provider offers phone coverage to​ field any tenant complaints and​ work towards their resolution. Imagine having your​ tenant issues resolved quickly while increasing tenant satisfaction​ with rapid response, research, and​ solution. Utilizing a​ concierge service equates to​ happier tenants and, thus, more consistent revenue and​ even increased profits for​ your​ business. Further, it​ removes many of​ the daily headaches that owners and​ managers face so they can focus on​ their core business activities.
Concierge services offer significant benefits to​ all parties involved!
• Provision, research, and​ coordination​ of​ subcontractors and​ vendors services, security, janitorial details including specialized room cleaning, catering and​ functions management, event scheduling, dry cleaning services, ticket procurement single or​ group, car services, maintenance and​ minor repair issues, and​ more.
• Lower overhead with reduced personnel training and​ employee hours.
• Handling and​ tracking of​ relevant services. From brainstorming to​ conception​ of​ concierge plan through to​ budgeting, implementing, tracking, and​ verification, we work with you​ from start to​ finish and​ everything in​ between to​ best suit the needs of​ your​ site. There is​ no longer a​ need for​ you​ to​ detract your​ focus from core business. if​ your​ needs change, we research options and​ present an analysis for​ you. you​ choose the options that best suit your​ situation; we take care of​ the rest.
• Improved response time for​ tenant contact and​ fulfillment of​ requests.
• Simplified accounting one concierge service, one point of​ contact, one bill. We will track invoices and​ payments for​ you. Further, a​ partnership with our concierge service means that we provide the professional independent contractors. We reimburse them, i. e. no need to​ process diverse payroll each week.
• Reduced risk our independent contractors work for​ us. No outlay for​ employee health insurance and​ benefits. No more worries with regard to​ scheduling, unemployment, or​ workers compensation​ issues for​ you.
Onsite or​ offsite concierge services offers a​ comprehensive solution​ benefits that will place and​ keep you​ far above and​ beyond your​ competitors, whether you​ are owners or​ managers of​ commercial highend apartments, condominium complexes, or​ commercial office buildings. Get your​ market edge and​ begin​ to​ improve your​ property and​ bottom line now.

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