Control The Success Of Your Internet Business With One Simple Step

Control The Success Of Your Internet Business With One Simple Step

Motivational speaker Anthony Robbins once said,​ “If you​ want to​ be successful,​ find someone who achieved the​ results you​ want and copy what they do,​ and you’ll achieve the​ same results.”

It’s an​ idea I became familiar with many years ago…

When I was first getting started online,​ I made a​ lot of​ mistakes. Not because I wasn’t trying to​ model successful businesses,​ but because there simply weren’t businesses online to​ model. (In 1996,​ I was among the​ first handful of​ people to​ actually start selling products over the​ Internet.)

So I gathered as​ much information as​ I could from successful offline marketing experts like Jay Abraham; however,​ the​ challenge was adjusting their techniques to​ work in​ the​ online world. I’m sure it​ will come as​ no surprise to​ you​ that many of​ the​ techniques used to​ market and sell in​ the​ “real world” either…

a) Didn’t work at​ all on​ the​ Internet.
b) Needed to​ be seriously adjusted,​ tested,​ tweaked,​ and adjusted some more to​ really get results online.

The point that I’m trying to​ make here is​ that it​ literally took me years of​ testing and hundreds of​ thousands of​ dollars to​ discover the​ same techniques that you’ll now see commonly used online today.
Fortunately,​ there is​ no reason for things to​ be nearly this difficult for you. Today,​ modeling the​ Internet “successes” is​ relatively easy. (Though,​ be careful that you​ separate the​ phonies and fakes from the​ “true experts” -- look for those who honestly practice what they preach and who can prove it!)

The biggest investment that you’ll need to​ make is​ your time…

If you’re interested in​ long-term,​ life-changing success,​ then a​ few extra days of​ reading and researching shouldn’t matter. It’s the​ success of​ your business that we’re talking about here,​ so don’t make the​ fatal mistake of​ thinking that you’re “wasting time.” Remember that what you​ learn today could be the​ technique or​ strategy that saves you​ not only wasted time and effort,​ but thousands of​ dollars in​ “could have been” profits.

It’s an​ extremely simple concept…

Guarantee Your Success By Modeling the​ Successful

1) What Should My Web Site Look Like?

Why spend thousands of​ dollars having a​ flashy site designed that’s loaded with theme music and spinning graphics? Some of​ the​ most successful web sites online today have extremely sleek,​ simple designs.

Of course,​ before I tell you​ to​ model proven successful web sites,​ I want you​ to​ be aware of​ “the catch”…

When researching web sites to​ model,​ the​ ones you​ should be paying closest attention to​ are your competitors’ and sites that have a​ profit model similar to​ your own (i.e. look for sites that make money in​ a​ similar way).

For example,​ if​ you​ sell cotton balls on​ your web site,​ you​ shouldn’t be modeling your site design after First off,​ they sell books (among other things). you​ sell cotton balls. They offer a​ wide variety of​ titles and choices. you​ offer one product -- cotton balls. Finally,​ let’s face it​ -- their advertising budget is​ out of​ this world! if​ you’re a​ small or​ home-based business,​ you​ likely don’t have the​ same kind of​ luxury to​ experiment and make expensive mistakes.

So think practical -- be realistic -- and start looking for other sites that are successfully selling their cotton balls online (or one,​ similar product),​ and model your site after theirs. Your site doesn’t need to​ be the​ next Yahoo! or​ eBay for you​ to​ be earning a​ significant 6 figure income.

2) How Do I Write Sales Copy That Really Sells?

Writing sales copy that really sells takes practice -- and education! I have yet to​ meet someone who just has a​ “natural gift” for writing award-winning copy without any education whatsoever.

Sure,​ some people might get “lucky” and stumble onto bits and pieces of​ the​ proven approach -- but I can guarantee you​ that anyone who hasn’t studied the​ “art & science of​ sales copy” is​ missing key elements that could increase their sales by 400% - 1,​200%. I’m not kidding here…

So rather than playing a​ “hit or​ miss” guessing game with your copy,​ I highly recommend looking for sales copy that makes you​ want to​ buy and studying it. After you’ve read enough quality copy,​ you’ll start to​ notice a​ distinct pattern that you​ can apply to​ your own writing.

3) How Do I Rank at​ the​ Top of​ the​ Search Engines?

If you​ plan on​ ranking at​ the​ top of​ the​ search engines,​ then I can’t stress enough the​ importance of​ educating yourself. the​ search engines are a​ highly competitive arena where only those who have taken the​ time to​ “learn the​ rules” claim a​ top 10 spot.

Very rarely these days will you​ hear of​ someone “getting lucky” and just magically sliding into a​ top ranking.

So if​ you​ want a​ top 10 listing under your best keywords and phrases (i.e. you​ want your site to​ appear in​ the​ top 10 listings when someone searches the​ key phrase “cotton balls” in​ MSN,​ Yahoo!,​ Google,​ etc…),​ then you​ need to​ do two things…

a) Examine the​ web sites that already rank in​ the​ top 10 under your best keywords and phrases -- and look for patterns.

b) Use the​ proven know-how of​ the​ search engine experts to​ learn the​ ropes. if​ you​ want a​ top ranking,​ then you’ll want the​ experience and advice of​ someone who makes it​ their mission to​ keep up with the​ constantly changing rules of​ each search engine and directory.

In fact,​ before you​ spend a​ lot of​ time examining the​ sites of​ your competition for clues as​ to​ why they are listed among the​ top 10,​ I recommend seeking out these search engine gurus. With their advice,​ you’ll be better prepared to​ critically examine your competitors’ web sites for clues that explain why they’re at​ the​ top of​ the​ ranks.

4) How Do I Drive Targeted Traffic to​ My Web Site?

If you​ want to​ increase the​ number of​ targeted potential customers who are arriving at​ your web site each day,​ then a​ listing in​ the​ search engines is​ a​ good start,​ but it’s also exactly that -- a​ start.

Again,​ take some time to​ research your competition. How are they attracting their visitors? Do they have a​ lot of​ links on​ other sites? Do they have their own Affiliate Program? Do they participate heavily in​ newsgroups? Do they have an​ established viral marketing campaign?

Use the​ experience of​ your competition to​ your advantage by learning their secrets -- and then tweaking and improving on​ their approach to​ do them one better!

Work Smarter -- Not Harder -- And See Bigger Rewards And Profits

Even now,​ I still scour the​ Web to​ see how others are creating their own success. I analyze my competition… I read everything that I can get my hands on… and I remain open to​ new ideas and new approaches.

Today,​ it’s relatively cheap and easy to​ get a​ solid education in​ what Internet marketing techniques work,​ which to​ avoid,​ and how to​ build guaranteed success the​ first time around! So why would you​ waste your valuable (and limited) time and money by stubbornly insisting on​ making mistakes that you​ could easily avoid with a​ little education?

Model the​ success of​ others and you'll not only guarantee your success,​ you'll achieve your goals in​ less time with less expense than you​ could on​ your own.

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