Consumers Tuned In To Benefits Of Hd Radio

Consumers Tuned in​ To Benefits of​ HD Radio
Consumers have consistently and​ rapidly adopted new digital technologies--CDs, MP3s and​ DVDs, to​ name a​ few--because of​ the improved quality, choice, convenience and​ interactivity they provide .​
and​ this​ consumer adoption​ trend shows no sign of​ slowing.
The latest development is​ HD Radio™ technology, which offers broadcasters and​ their listeners radically upgraded audio quality, along with an​ on-demand​ interactive experience and​ compelling, new wireless data services .​
HD Radio marks the most significant advancement in​ radio broadcasting since the introduction​ of​ FM stereo more than 50 years ago.
Consumers can continue listening to​ the same local AM/FM stations they love but with the added services and​ benefits that HD Radio offers, including:
• AM digital will have FM-like audio quality, allowing for​ new and​ innovative programming using music formats .​
FM digital will have CD-like audio quality.
• Static-free and​ crystal-clear reception.
• Multicasting for​ more channels of​ programming that includes currently unavailable genres.
• Metadata-song, artist and​ other information​ (news, weather, traffic ticker info as​ determined by the broadcaster) displayed on-screen.
• Wireless data services to​ include on-demand​ audio .​
On-demand​ audio allows for​ the streaming of​ content, providing more information​ on​ station​ programs, news, weather and​ traffic-all at​ the touch of​ a​ button.
We're moving very rapidly to​ improve consumers' radio listening experience, says Peter Ferrara, president and​ CEO of​ the HD Digital Radio Alliance .​
Listeners will now have even more local choices of​ new and​ diverse programming.
Some of​ the totally new formats to​ be introduced include Viva La Voce (opera), Classical Alternative, Traditional Jazz & Blues, Coffee House, Female Talk, Future Country, Extreme Hip-Hop and​ in-depth news .​
Also of​ note is​ the wide variety of​ new rock formats.
One option​ for​ taking advantage of​ HD Radio is​ a​ new entertainment system from Polk Audio .​
The I-Sonic™ produces big, lifelike sound quality-and​ is​ the first to​ offer HD Radio technology with a​ DVD player and​ XM-ready satellite radio technology, making it​ a​ total entertainment solution​ .​
Its compact dimensions (14.5 x 9.75 x 4.75) allow for​ use virtually anywhere-home, office or​ business.
in​ addition, the I-Sonic was honored as​ the Best of​ Innovations audio product at​ the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show.

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