Combing The Power Of Google Adsense And Email Marketing

In the​ past year,​ Google Adsense has become the​ “It” way to​ make money on​ the​ Internet.

But even if​ you​ already use Google Adsense on​ your site,​ you​ are probably leaving money on​ the​ table. Let me explain why…

Most people create a​ site,​ slap some content and then wait for people to​ click on​ their ads.

But once people click on​ an​ ad,​ they are gone….probably forever!

One method that smart Internet marketers use to​ maximize their Google Adsense is​ to​ harness the​ power of​ their email list. By getting people to​ subscribe to​ their list,​ website owners can continue to​ make money from their readers.

By utilizing the​ power of​ their email list,​ website owners can dramatically increase their Adsense income.

Here is​ how you​ can do the​ same. in​ the​ following article,​ there is​ a​ step-by-step list of​ how you​ can harness the​ power of​ your list to​ create a​ steady stream of​ Adsense revenue.

The first step is​ to​ create a​ topic that is​ in​ high demand. a​ good topic would be something that people have an​ interest in,​ or​ information that can help your readers personally or​ financially.

Your next action would be to​ create content for your site. the​ idea is​ to​ write or​ use information that would provide value to​ the​ reader. All your articles should help improve their life in​ some manner. you​ can create content for your site in​ a​ large numbers of​ ways. This can include:

· Your own web articles
· Guides,​ product evaluations,​ and “How To's”
· Blogs and RSS Feeds
· Public domain works
· Private label rights
· Hiring a​ freelancer to​ write your content

Obviously creating content for your site is​ an​ ongoing process,​ so once you've created at​ least 10 pages of​ quality information for your readers,​ you​ should create your web pages and optimize them for Google Adsense.

As you​ are designing your pages for Adsense,​ you​ should keep one thing in​ mind- Your primary goal is​ to​ get people to​ click on​ your Adsense ads.

So don't give your readers too many options. as​ a​ result,​ it​ is​ important to​ keep your web page simple. to​ do this,​ you​ should include do the​ following:

· Place the​ article on​ the​ web page
· Ad all three Adsense blocks in​ prominent places
· Make sure that the​ ad blocks look like standard text,​ with the​ no borders and blue links
· if​ you​ have to​ have other links on​ this page,​ include them at​ the​ bottom where there is​ a​ less chance of​ being clicked on

After designing your web pages,​ you​ need to​ create an​ autoresponder sequence for your email list. the​ primary focus for each email is​ to​ get people to​ click on​ your Google Adsense pages. So it​ is​ important to​ create and intriguing title. Then in​ the​ email,​ write a​ little bit about the​ importance of​ the​ article and tell your subscribers how they can learn more by clicking over to​ the​ site.

Once you've created your sequence of​ bringing readers to​ your Adsense pages,​ you​ should start promoting your lists. you​ can do this by articles,​ PPC,​ ebooks,​ viral marketing and SEO. the​ more people usually means more money,​ so you​ have to​ continuously work at​ marketing your website.

Once you​ have finished creating your Adsense and email system,​ you​ should go back and continue to​ add more content and market your site. By having a​ large selection of​ information and more readers,​ you'll discover that your Google Adsense income will grow exponentially.

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