Colon Cleanse Provides A Wide Range Of Benefits

Colon​ cleansing has been in​ the news among health enthusiasts for​ some time because it​ can offer relief for​ a​ variety of​ symptoms. The reason​ for​ this​ is​ that the intestinal tract commonly becomes impacted with fecal matter, which in​ turn releases toxins (poisons) into the bloodstream. While constipation​ is​ obviously a​ primary symptom of​ this​ state of​ affairs, other symptoms can be traced to​ the released poisons.

Some of​ the symptoms that have also been connected to​ an​ impacted bowel include headaches, fatigue, depression, and​ allergy symptoms. Weight gain​ and​ an​ inability to​ lose it​ are also associated with an​ impacted bowel. in​ addition,people report nervous symptoms like irritability and​ "walking around in​ a​ fog." Feeling "bloated" with gas is​ another common​ symptom, and​ some people even report problems with their skin.

The traditional methods have included increasing the fiber in​ the diet while taking laxative herbs, such as​ Cascara Sagrada or​ Senna. These laxatives are harsh to​ the body and​ can create a​ dependency not unlike an​ addiction. Fiber for​ constipation​ usually is​ made up of​ psyllium seed husks. this​ natural plant derivative absorbs water in​ the bowel and​ becomes mucilaginous. this​ creates a​ bulk that is​ helpful for​ removing matter from the colon, but it​ is​ not a​ complete cleanse.

A lesser known method, oxygen based colon​ cleansing, is​ also taken orally, but does not work on​ the same principle as​ the fiber and​ herb method. this​ method uses an​ "oxidation​ reduction" type of​ chemical reaction​ to​ melt away the material in​ the bowel. Because the reaction​ gives off oxygen, which is​ then absorbed into the body, it​ is​ healthful and​ energizing.

Another option​ in​ traditional treatment of​ an​ impacted bowel is​ to​ take enemas or​ colonic irrigation. These methods force water, herbal teas, or​ other medications up into the digestive tract through a​ tube inserted into the rectal cavity. Colonic irrigation​ goes farther up into the intestines than does an​ enema. it​ should be done by a​ licensed professional. Obviously, this​ is​ an​ unpleasant matter at​ best, but can be helpful when used in​ conjunction​ with oxygen based colon​ cleansing.

The best option​ for​ dealing with constipation​ and​ the other symptoms of​ an​ impacted bowel is​ to​ use an​ oxygen based colon​ cleansing product. The best of​ these will contain​ the mineral germanium in​ an​ organic form. this​ mineral, which is​ sometimes called Ge-132, is​ found in​ some of​ the most healthful food and​ herbs around, including garlic, comfrey, watercress, ginseng, and​ certain​ edible fungi (mushrooms.)

Having germanium in​ your​ colon​ cleanse can help lower blood pressure, improve artery health, and​ lower cholesterol. it​ is​ thought to​ be anti-carcinogenic, or​ an​ agent to​ prevent various cancers. it​ helps the colon​ cleanse to​ create even more oxygen, which brings life and​ health to​ the internal organs. Germanium is​ also helpful for​ reducing the growth of​ the yeast, Candida albicans, in​ the body. Candida has been associated with symptoms such as​ fatigue, itching, headaches, and​ a​ host of​ others.

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