Coastal Vacation Scam Another Bogus Internet Business Opportunity

The rise in​ bogus business opportunities as​ well as​ work at​ home scams have become far too large of​ a​ concern for law enforcement to​ ignore. Federal and state task forces are now performing law enforcement sweeps that target phony Internet businesses and scams. There have been twenty-three fraud convictions and twenty-five individual arrests in​ which scam artists are being sentenced to​ more than 160 years in​ prison. Ongoing investigations as​ well as​ court hearings are still involved in​ this ongoing battle.

Scam Types

There are numerous scams and fraudulent businesses on​ the​ Internet. Programs such as​ online surveys,​ free government grants programs,​ mystery shopper positions and data entry jobs were all scams. the​ company coastal vacation has numerous fraud sites appear causing damage to​ their company name. Scam artists were portraying coastal directors and creating uncanny sales pitches to​ lure customers in​ for the​ scam. the​ scam artists would tell the​ victim to​ send a​ check for X amount of​ money and would take the​ check and disappear. Customers were left to​ lose the​ money,​ vacation offers and trust of​ online businesses.

The Victims

Both customers looking for a​ vacation deal as​ well as​ those looking for a​ work at​ home business have been scam victims. For those who have had to​ learn the​ hard way to​ Internet safety,​ it’s a​ difficult lesson. For those of​ us who have not been scam victims there are tips to​ prevent this from occurring to​ you​ or​ anyone you​ know.

Prevention Tips

Never send money upfront without understanding a​ businesses background. Contact the​ Better Business Bureau and see if​ the​ company is​ listed. if​ not put in​ a​ request to​ have them inspected. Do some personal research to​ see of​ you​ can find when and where a​ company was formed and if​ they are in​ fact legitimate. Do not provide a​ company with your social security number or​ bank account information. With the​ rise in​ identity theft you​ have to​ be very cautious when giving out any personal details. Always search for trustworthy proof of​ a​ company’s background prior to​ giving out any of​ the​ above personal details.

Stopping Scams And Fraud

Prevention is​ the​ key to​ stopping scams such as​ the​ coastal vacation scans. Unfortunately any time there is​ a​ high demand product that draws in​ customers,​ scam artists follow right behind. With the​ help of​ law enforcement tracking in​ bringing down these scam artists and faux Internet businesses we are making progress. Making ourselves as​ well as​ those around us aware of​ the​ necessary precautions for Internet safety is​ the​ other half of​ the​ solution. you​ can never be too precautions about who you​ give your money or​ information to. Think of​ the​ story of​ the​ big bad wolf. He looked an​ awful lot like grandma behind those glasses and bonnet. Scam artists are just like a​ wolf in​ a​ disguise. We have to​ look past the​ disguise and search deeper for what really lies beneath it​ all to​ protect ourselves from getting bitten.

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