Christmas Table Games

Christmas Table Games

Christmas Table Games
If you're getting everyone together for Christmas dinner,​ you want to​ provide some fun activities and games in​ addition to​ just the​ meal .​
Here are some good ideas to​ keep the​ crowd in​ the​ Christmas mood and keep them busy and diverted until the​ meal is​ ready .​
Guess the​ dinner - Have all the​ people who are not working in​ the​ kitchen do a​ smell test and try to​ figure out what's on​ the​ menu for dinner .​
Sure,​ turkey or​ ham or​ roast beef might be an​ obvious choice and an​ easy one if​ they are traditional in​ your family,​ but what's the​ potato smell? is​ it​ a​ hashed brown casserole,​ or​ baked potatoes? Are they mashed with sour cream or​ garlic? Are there brussel sprouts for dinner or​ squash,​ or​ both .​
The winner,​ or​ the​ person who most closely guesses the​ items on​ the​ menu,​ gets a​ taste test.
Board game fun - Bring out the​ most kid-like board game you have .​
This might be one that was just opened that morning or​ something you already have .​
Get the​ men in​ the​ house (not the​ boys,​ but grown men) to​ sit down on​ the​ floor and play the​ game .​
a​ great picture can be had when the​ fathers and grandfathers are on​ the​ living room rug playing Candyland or​ Chutes and Ladders .​
Better yet,​ bring out a​ princess game and enjoy watching the​ men get dressed up like princesses as​ the​ game goes on​ .​
As a​ secondary activity,​ pit the​ kids and dads against each other in​ a​ game of​ monopoly or​ cards .​
The kids can play with their dads on​ a​ team or​ the​ dads can play against the​ kids .​
Either way,​ it's sure to​ be fun .​
Tablecloth - If the​ children are getting restless waiting for the​ meal,​ have them decorate the​ tablecloth .​
This isn't the​ time,​ then,​ to​ put great Aunt Martha's tablecloth on​ the​ table,​ but something inexpensive and yet not disposable .​
You can keep the​ tablecloth from year to​ year and enjoy watching the​ progression of​ the​ children's art through the​ tablecloth .​
Be sure to​ have them use permanent markers and have them date and sign it,​ if​ they are old enough .​
If they're not,​ date and sign it​ for them .​
You'll want that bit of​ information later.
Outdoor fun - Have a​ fun game of​ toss the​ hat .​
Fill Santa's hat with some candy or​ other small items and try to​ toss the​ hat around without the​ items falling out .​
You can have a​ relay with Santa's hat where everyone wears Santa's hat,​ then hands it​ to​ the​ next person,​ who has to​ put it​ on​ and then take if​ off and then hand it​ to​ the​ next person .​
How about a​ rousing game of​ football,​ where the​ goal line is​ made of​ discarded Christmas ribbon? Or a​ game of​ soccer where the​ soccer ball is​ a​ rolled up ball of​ discarded Christmas paper .​
Worst presents - Who has the​ best story about the​ worst present they ever got? Before dessert have everyone share their best of​ the​ worst stories .​
Be sure that you don't tell the​ story in​ front of​ the​ person who gave you the​ worst present! What was the​ most interesting present you ever got? Or the​ best handmade present? What was the​ best present that came this Christmas? Dessert isn't handed out until everyone shares a​ story,​ good or​ bad .​
Where's Santa? - While eating dinner,​ have a​ fun activity going on​ that's sure to​ delight the​ children .​
Using a​ Santa hat,​ play a​ game of​ where's Santa? Surely he's back at​ the​ North Pole by now,​ right? Have someone start with the​ Santa hat and under the​ table,​ that person passes it​ to​ someone else .​
Everyone tries to​ decide where the​ hat is​ .​
Whoever has the​ hat (they can keep it​ in​ their lap while they eat) winks at​ someone else when they catch their eye .​
If someone gets winked at,​ they say,​ Santa's lost! and this continues,​ with the​ passing of​ the​ hat and the​ winking,​ until someone figures out where Santa is​ .​

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