Christmas Games Elementary Age Children

Christmas Games For Elementary Age Children
If you're planning a​ Christmas party for a​ group of​ elementary-age children,​ there are a​ myriad of​ really fun games you can include .​
Be sure to​ have lots of​ prizes and take lots of​ pictures because some of​ the​ games can be silly!
To get the​ kids moving around,​ start with the​ fill the​ stocking game .​
In this game,​ create teams so there are at​ least 3 people and no more than perhaps 6 people on​ each team .​
Have a​ stocking for each team .​
Place the​ stockings on​ the​ wall and have also a​ bowl of​ candy and spoons .​
The first person on​ each team will put the​ spoon in​ their mouth (backwards,​ so the​ bowl of​ the​ spoon is​ sticking out) and get some candy out of​ the​ bowl .​
Still holding their spoon in​ their mouth,​ they must walk or​ run to​ the​ stocking on​ the​ wall and get the​ candy in​ the​ stocking .​
They run back to​ the​ line and the​ next child has a​ turn (each child should have his or​ her on​ spoon) .​
The game continues until the​ candy bowl is​ empty.
The obvious prize for the​ stocking game is​ a​ big bowl of​ candy!
Another active game is​ an​ unwrap the​ game relay .​
Provide two piles presents at​ one end of​ the​ room (these can be presents with real teats inside,​ or​ dummy wrapped presents) .​
The children are divided into two teams and a​ relay is​ created .​
One person runs to​ the​ stack of​ gifts,​ unwraps it,​ throws away the​ paper and runs back .​
Then the​ next child in​ line runs up,​ unwraps a​ gift,​ throws away the​ paper and runs back .​
If the​ paper lands outside the​ trash can,​ the​ child must run back and put it​ back in​ the​ trashcan before returning to​ the​ line and allowing another person to​ take a​ turn .​
If these to​ games are played first the​ kids might want a​ little rest .​
Now's the​ time to​ play a​ sit-down Christmas party game,​ like remember this .​
Get a​ large cookie sheet or​ baking tray and fill it​ with Christmas-themed items .​
You might include an​ ornament,​ a​ candy cane,​ a​ Santa hat,​ garland,​ ribbon,​ etc .​
There should be at​ least 20 items on​ the​ tray .​
Give each child about 20 seconds to​ look at​ the​ items,​ then cover the​ tray and remove it​ from sight .​
Give the​ children another 20-30 seconds to​ remember everything they saw on​ the​ tray .​
Have them quickly write don their guesses .​
The prize is​ for whoever remembers the​ most items!
Another good sit down game and one that's also a​ learning game is​ a​ word find game .​
Provide children with a​ list of​ Christmas words and have them find other words within those words .​
For example,​ if​ one word is​ reindeer they might find in,​ deer,​ red,​ den,​ and so on​ .​
Longer words are best,​ so think of​ words like Christmas,​ snowballs,​ poinsettia,​ holly berry and the​ like).
Children love games that involve sitting in​ a​ circle and having fun that way .​
Here's a​ circle game children are sure to​ love .​
This tests their ability to​ remember little details about other people,​ like their voice .​
Have handy a​ sleigh,​ either one cut out of​ cardboard or​ a​ small one purchased a​ gift or​ dollar store .​
Blindfold one child and have another child hold the​ sleigh .​
The child with the​ sleigh calls out to​ the​ blindfolded child something like this:
Santa,​ where's your sleigh?
Someone's come and taken it​ away.
Who has it? Who?
The blindfolded child has to​ guess who has the​ sleigh .​
Give the​ child 3 chances to​ get it​ right before giving the​ sleigh and blindfold to​ other children .​
For another sit down game,​ give each child a​ piece of​ paper and a​ pencil .​
Tell them to​ close their eyes and then tell them what to​ draw .​
Give them the​ shapes,​ but don't tell them exactly what they are trying to​ draw (though most children will figure it​ out) .​
So,​ first tell them to​ draw three circles,​ with the​ largest being on​ the​ bottom and the​ smallest on​ the​ top .​
Then tell them to​ draw dots for eyes,​ and buttons for a​ coat .​
Keep going until you have described a​ snowman .​
Then have the​ children open their eyes to​ see what they have actually drawn .​
Award a​ prize for the​ drawing that most closely resembles a​ snowman .​

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