Christmas Eve Games

Christmas Eve Games

Christmas Eve Games
You don't often think to​ play games on​ Christmas Eve,​ but playing a​ game or​ two can be a​ lot of​ fun.
One fun game is​ ideally suited for anxious children,​ but could also be for adults,​ if​ you want to​ add some fun for gift giving .​
For children,​ this is​ a​ way to​ make that open one gift on​ Christmas Eve rule a​ little more exciting and make it​ last a​ little longer.
You create a​ hunt with clues,​ so the​ children have to​ follow the​ clues to​ find their gift .​
Instead of​ the​ gift being under the​ tree,​ for example,​ you might put it​ somewhere else,​ but the​ children will follow clues to​ find it .​
For this game,​ you can use anything to​ write your clues on​ .​
You could use Christmas cards in​ their envelopes that you had extras of,​ you might cut out Christmas tree shapes for this,​ or​ you might want to​ use ornaments .​
Whichever method you choose,​ write a​ clue on​ each of​ your items and leave those around the​ house .​
You start by handing each child the​ first clue .​
It might say,​ you sleep here every night and the​ children will run to​ their beds .​
On their pillow you have placed another clue that might say,​ mom's eggs taste better with this and the​ children head to​ the​ spice cabinet,​ where they find another clue on​ the​ salt .​
The final clue (and depending on​ the​ ages of​ your children and their tolerance,​ you might have only 5 clues for this game,​ or​ many more) will be the​ gift itself .​
To make it​ extra fun,​ have the​ gift be under the​ tree .​
Your children won't see that coming!
If you have a​ large gathering on​ Christmas Eve,​ try a​ circle game .​
Have everyone get in​ a​ circle and the​ first person will start with,​ in​ my Christmas stocking there is​ an​ apple and the​ next person will add,​ in​ my Christmas stocking there is​ an​ apple and a​ boot .​
Each person will continue on,​ remembering the​ previous items and the​ adding one of​ their own,​ and all in​ alphabetical order .​
If you miss an​ item,​ you're out of​ the​ game and the​ winner is​ the​ person who successfully remembers all the​ stocking items over and over again each time they have to​ recite the​ items and add to​ the​ list.
Looking for a​ little physical activity on​ Christmas Eve? How about a​ rousing game of​ musical chairs using Christmas music? This one can be particularly fun if​ you use upbeat and well-known Christmas music .​
Use songs everyone knows and require they sing along and dance while they run around the​ chairs .​
This adds a​ fun element because you are likely to​ have at​ least one person who gets so caught up in​ the​ music and dancing they don't realize the​ music has stopped .​
This game is​ played like any traditional game of​ musical chairs with the​ loser being the​ one who doesn't get a​ chair when the​ music stops.
Since the​ big event on​ Christmas Eve is​ Santa's arrival,​ play a​ game of​ where's Santa? In this game,​ everyone sits in​ a​ circle and one person is​ chosen to​ be Rudolph .​
That person leaves the​ room for a​ minute .​
a​ Santa is​ chosen among those left in​ the​ room .​
Rudolph returns and begins hunting for Santa .​
Rudolph should stand in​ the​ center of​ the​ circle and try to​ figure out which person is​ Santa .​
Santa,​ meanwhile,​ winks at​ other people in​ the​ circle .​
If someone gets winked at,​ they yell,​ ho ho ho .​
Once Rudolph figures out where Santa is,​ another Rudolph and another Santa are chosen and the​ game continues.
By Christmas Eve,​ your Christmas cards have been on​ display for a​ few weeks,​ so maybe it's time to​ play a​ game with them .​
Have someone set up a​ laundry basket,​ or​ a​ gift box a​ few feet away (the distance depends on​ the​ age of​ your players and ability) .​
Have them try to​ toss the​ cards into the​ box or​ basket .​
This sounds easy,​ but different cards of​ different weights and styles will react differently and can be harder than expected to​ get into the​ box or​ basket.

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