Christmas Day Games

Christmas Day Games
Just because the​ gifts are opened and the​ paper strewn about the​ living room doesn't mean the​ fun of​ Christmas is​ over .​
Add some fun party games to​ Christmas day to​ extend the​ fun of​ Christmas.
If you have a​ large gathering on​ Christmas day,​ have fun with the​ hat game .​
When they arrive,​ give everyone a​ Santa hat .​
These are inexpensive and can be purchased for $1 at​ the​ dollar store,​ or​ even less in​ bulk,​ if​ you plan ahead .​
As everyone goes about their business of​ getting food,​ chatting with others and the​ like,​ the​ room will look very festive with everyone wearing their Santa hats.
However,​ the​ object of​ this game is​ to​ not have your hat on​ .​
As people forget about the​ hats,​ the​ object is​ to​ get rid of​ your hat and not be the​ last one wearing a​ Santa hat .​
Inevitably there will be one person so wrapped up in​ a​ conversation or​ the​ buffet table,​ they forget to​ take off their hat and will be left the​ game's loser .​
This is​ a​ game that can be played again and again as​ you head forward with the​ day's festivities .​
One fun memory game that kids particularly like is​ to​ make everyone pay careful attention to​ all the​ gifts that are opened on​ Christmas day .​
After the​ gifts are removed from the​ room (or you remove yourselves from the​ gift room) have everyone try and remember every single gift everyone got .​
Include stockings and any food gifts .​
Tell people they only have to​ remember the​ items that were opened that day,​ not any gifts they received and opened prior to​ Christmas day .​
This can be a​ fun game that's particularly popular with kids because they love to​ relive the​ gift magic .​
In addition,​ if​ they were so immersed with their own gifts they didn't notice anyone else's this is​ a​ good chance for them to​ educate themselves about what everyone got that day .​
If you need a​ game to​ keep everyone busy before dinner,​ try the​ guess me game .​
Buy some large heavy socks,​ not low-rise,​ but the​ type that are worn outdoors in​ the​ winter that are thick and come at​ least to​ the​ calf .​
Put several items in​ the​ socks .​
Make sure identical items are in​ each sock .​
These items should be related to​ Christmas in​ some way .​
You might include a​ small ornament,​ scotch tape,​ a​ pinecone,​ a​ Hershey's kiss,​ and the​ like .​
Have each person feel the​ socks (having two socks just makes the​ game go faster,​ but you can play with just one sock),​ and write down their guesses about what's in​ the​ socks .​
Be sure to​ tell everyone how many items are in​ each sock .​
The winner gets,​ you guessed it,​ one of​ the​ socks!
If you have a​ bunch of​ wanna-be performers in​ your group on​ Christmas day,​ how about playing a​ little game of​ Christmas Idol? Set up a​ small table for the​ judges and have teams of​ 2 people (or individuals,​ if​ they want) sing a​ Christmas carol .​
Tell them to​ have a​ lot of​ fun with the​ song,​ and even add a​ Santa hat or​ other dress-up items if​ they wish .​
The winners can take home a​ CD of​ Christmas music .​
This game is​ particularly fun if​ just the​ children want to​ perform and be judged by the​ adults,​ or​ if,​ conversely,​ the​ adults perform and are judged by the​ children .​

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