Choosing The Best Email Marketing Service Company

Choosing the​ Right Email Marketing Solution
Email marketing has made a​ huge buzz in​ the​ online industry these past few years .​
Studies by AMR Research have shown that targeted email marketing campaign generated about 7 to​ 12 times the​ response rate of​ the​ traditional snail-mail marketing.
Email marketing has been the​ easiest strategy to​ do since the​ emergence of​ the​ internet .​
It became easy to​ communicate with people and reach your target audience with the​ use of​ this technology .​
That is​ why more and more companies have ventured into this marketing campaign for the​ hopes of​ better results for their business
A report made by Forrester Research showed that companies spent $1.1 billion just on​ email marketing during 2001 and has considerably increased in​ the​ following years .​
That is​ why several vendors that provide email marketing products and services came out to​ take advantage of​ this booming market.
There are indeed a​ lot of​ solutions and services available for any company’s needs but the​ thing is,​ it​ is​ difficult to​ choose which one would suit your company best.
Before starting to​ evaluate the​ different solutions available,​ it​ is​ best to​ understand email marketing campaign and its components better .​
Email campaign involves strategy,​ creativity,​ copywriting skills,​ list management,​ process execution,​ reporting and analysis .​
Some of​ the​ service vendors provide most,​ if​ not all,​ of​ these categories .​
Depending on​ your company’s specific needs,​ you​ may avail some or​ all of​ these features.
Evaluating Different Solutions and Services
Email marketing service providers can be categorized in​ three main areas: off-the-shelf,​ mid-range,​ and high-end solutions .​
Evaluate the​ main characteristics of​ each solution in​ terms of​ the​ features,​ benefits and costs .​
- Off-the-shelf solutions .​
This type of​ service is​ ideal for small businesses willing to​ allot internal resources for email marketing .​
The features commonly included in​ this type of​ service include sending personalized HTML emails,​ list management,​ basic tracking and reporting,​ and customer service .​
The maximum number of​ emails off-the-shelf products can handle is​ 500,​000 per month .​
This kind of​ service can range for as​ low as​ $30 to​ $350 per month .​
However,​ for most of​ these service vendors,​ ownership and control of​ list,​ reporting and data tracking are theirs.
- Mid-range solutions .​
An example of​ a​ mid-range solutions provider is​ Pixel Bridge .​
It provides its clients with fully customized solutions,​ from strategy formulation to​ tracking,​ analysis and maintenance,​ depending on​ the​ clients’ needs .​
This type of​ service provider is​ ideal for small and mid-sized entities with advanced marketing needs .​
These companies are usually those that are comfortable in​ using outsourced marketing services and customized solutions .​
The costs of​ availing the​ service of​ mid-range solutions providers range from $500-$3,​000 per month .​
They typically manage 1,​000 – 100,​000 emails per month .​
The application that these service providers offer can also be bought outright for $10,​000-$50,​000.
- High-end solutions .​
These high-end marketing companies are focused and really specialize on​ email marketing .​
Examples of​ these firms are Carat Interactive,​ MarketFirst and Responsys .​
These providers offer sophisticated marketing technologies capable of​ launching and monitoring online or​ offline marketing strategies that involve millions of​ recipients .​
These providers offer a​ more comprehensive data analysis approach such as​ helping their clients identify historical patterns to​ improve their conversion rate .​
The cost of​ availing the​ services of​ high-end providers range from $6,​000-$60,​000 per campaign,​ which average from $20,​000-$30,​000 for most promotions.
Each company has its own unique set of​ requirements,​ and email marketing has evolved to​ offer different solutions to​ address those needs .​
When choosing the​ right email marketing service,​ keep in​ mind your company’s needs .​
List down all possible vendors that you​ think will suit you​ best,​ and then map out each one to​ identify which among them can address all of​ your company’s requirements.
Price is​ always an​ important factor to​ consider .​
However,​ you​ do not have to​ always sacrifice quality of​ service for a​ low price .​
The important thing to​ be addressed is​ your internal needs and requirements .​
If you​ choose the​ right service provider for your company,​ paying a​ bit steeper price may not matter anymore since you​ will eventually earn it​ back with the​ huge returns that the​ marketing campaign promises.
Several big organizations have realized that email marketing is​ such a​ unique field and most traditional marketing practices just don’t keep up with the​ online world .​
So when it​ comes to​ choosing your email marketing provider,​ be sure to​ make the​ right decision for more successful years ahead.

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