Cavs Karaoke Supercdg 5 Ways You Will Benefit From Cavs Dvd 203g Usb Karaoke Player At Home

Cavs Karaoke Supercdg 5 Ways You Will Benefit From Cavs Dvd 203g Usb
Karaoke Player At Home

Cavs Karaoke Supercdg: 5 Ways you​ Will Benefit From Cavs Dvd-203g Usb Karaoke Player At Home
Take your​ home Karaoke experience to​ a​ whole new level ecconomical SuperCDG discs, containing up to​ 2000 songs each .​
Enthusiasts and​ DJs alike can accumulate large collections of​ songs at​ a​ fraction​ of​ the cost .​
I'll examine one model to​ show how SuperCDG Players can benefit you​ and​ your​ family at​ home.
I can remember just before Karaoke began back in​ the late 70's, TV producer, Chuck Berris came up with The Gong Show and​ all the bars and​ night clubs started having gong shows .​
As this​ musical trend was culminating, the timing was just right for​ Japan to​ introduce KARAOKE .​
America went wild over the concept, bars quickly incorporated the singing machines, and​ soon​ Karaoke became a​ household word and​ a​ cultural phenomenon​ .​
Karaoke equipment, like all new technologies, was very expensive and​ only available commercially and​ to​ bars, restaurants, hotels and​ Karaoke MC’s .​
Today America loves karaoke more then ever but not everyone wants to​ hang out in​ bars, singing and​ drinking all night so now more then ever, home Karaoke machines are in​ big demand.
Benefit #1 - Karaoke fun at​ a​ fraction​ of​ the costs with SuperCDG Discs
As an​ alternative to​ the expensive Laser Discs and​ CD+G Discs (holding between 12 and​ 22 songs at​ a​ rate of​ about $1 per song), CAVS Karaoke has created SuperCDG which holds up to​ 2000 Karaoke songs costing about 10 cents each and​ SuperCDG Players like the CAVS DVD-203 USB cost a​ fraction​ of​ what machines used to .​
SCDG Karoke Discs can be found online in​ a​ range from $50 to​ $200 but they usually hold 250 to​ 1250 songs on​ each .​
I've seen 1250 song discs for​ as​ low as​ $99.
Benefit #2 - CAVS PC Software allows you​ to​ creating your​ own SuperCDGs filled with your​ own MP3s
Expand​ your​ CAVS Karaoke player's music capabilities by using the optional software to​ create your​ own SuperCDGs with your​ MP3 music .​
Remember wiring your​ home system up with separate DVD, CD Players or​ maybe even a​ Karaoke machine or​ a​ 300 CD/DVD Carousel? Remember naming all the discs on​ the carousel machine .​
With only 2 SuperCDG discs full of​ your​ favorite MP3s you​ can replace your​ entire carousel .​
The song titles come up right on​ the front LCD panel .​
The DVD-203G USB also read many other formats including: DVD, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, MPEG-4, VCD, CD+G, CD-R, CD-RW, HDCD, JPEG CD, Kodak (slideshows).
Benefit #3 - 5.1 Dolby Digital allows you​ use with your​ existing surround sound system
The 5.1 Dolby Digital output allows these units to​ effectively replace any other disc players in​ your​ home system, saving space on​ your​ shelves and​ just looking neater .​
There's also output for​ S-Video and​ Fiber Optical
Benefit #4 - Expand​ the memory on​ the CAVS DVD-203 USB
The CAVS DVD-203G USB has USB port which allows you​ to​ load your​ songs onto an​ optional external hard drive meaning that you​ could conceivably have 100,000 Karaoke and​ Non-Karaoke songs right at​ your​ fingertips.
Benefit #5 - The family that sings together swings together
To me this​ is​ one of​ the most important benefits of​ having Karaoke in​ your​ home .​
if​ you​ are a​ Karaoke addict like I​ am then you​ know there's not much else that can compete with a​ family get together around the Karaoke machine .​
Dad get's to​ sing Mack the Knife, the neighbors come over to​ join​ in​ and​ Little Linda can practice for​ American Idol when the house is​ empty .​
It builds confidence for​ the kids and​ strong bonds between family and​ friends and​ that's always a​ good thing.
Take your​ enthusiasm and​ talent to​ the next level .​
Just click the link in​ my bio and​ check out my article on​ the 7 Rules of​ Hosting a​ Karaoke Party.

Cavs Karaoke Supercdg 5 Ways You Will Benefit From Cavs Dvd 203g Usb
Karaoke Player At Home

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