Casual Games Take It Serious

Casual games - take it​ serious
Computer games has always been popular .​
More and more people play games all over the​ world .​
a​ new kind of​ games,​ such as​ casual games,​ has become widespread besides console and large games,​ distributed on​ CD/DVD .​
The difference is​ in​ the​ fact that a​ user can download them freely from the​ Internet due to​ their small size and start playing .​
a​ small size doesn't mean that these games are not of​ of good quality as,​ for example,​ games for play stations .​
They excite gamers .​
The difference is​ only in​ gamers audience .​
Classic games are intended for so-called hard-core gamers,​ who are ready to​ spend long hours playing and perfecting their game-playing skills .​
They are usually teenagers; however they can be adults as​ well and vice versa,​ casual games is​ intended for people who can play during lunch,​ a​ break,​ after school or​ work and in​ their spare time .​
An increasing amount of​ adult people enjoy playing these games.
A number of​ companies producing casual games is​ increasing constantly .​
As a​ rule,​ it​ is​ small companies with small budgets who makes casual games in​ comparison with companies,​ producing large games .​
But in​ spite of​ their budgets,​ they produce high quality casual games,​ and new interesting ideas can be seen in​ them .​
In short,​ it​ is​ simply another market/trend with a​ life of​ it's own.
The Internet is​ the​ principal way of​ distributing casual games .​
Having downloaded a​ game and installed it,​ you can start playing immediately .​
It's the​ shareware principle,​ or​ try before buy .​
You can check it​ out before buying and decide if​ you want it​ or​ not .​
It's an​ advantage in​ comparison with classic games,​ when one buys a​ game on​ a​ basis of​ indirect information about it .​
Purchasing of​ casual games is​ simple as​ well and could be done on-line .​
After that the​ user receives fully functional game without any restrictions.
As a​ rule,​ dedicated game portals deal with game distribution in​ the​ Internet .​
Developers themselves can distribute their products,​ but it​ takes a​ lot of​ time and efforts .​
The smartest way is​ to​ entrust it​ to​ professionals.
Our company Fenomen Games is​ dealing with distribution of​ casual games,​ thoroughly chosen all over the​ Internet,​ and is​ a​ striking example of​ a​ game portal .​
Our collection has been sorted and games put into genres,​ so that you can find what you want in​ an​ easy way .​
We follow new ideas in​ casual games industry,​ and try to​ provide users with the​ newest and interesting games.
We invite you to​ have a​ look around our site as​ we​ feel confident that we​ have many games that will interest you and worth your time .​
At least you will get some idea about what Casual Games are.
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