Cash In On Seasonal Marketing

Cash In On Seasonal Marketing

Cash in​ on​ Seasonal Marketing
Every time we walk through Wal Mart or​ your local grocery store,​ we’re reminded of​ the​ upcoming season .​
There’s a​ constant supply of​ displays that go up… Christmas,​ Valentine’s Day,​ St .​
Patrick’s Day,​ Easter,​ Fourth of​ July… and the​ list goes on​ in​ a​ never ending cycle .​

Why do stores focus so much on​ holiday and seasonal themes? Heck,​ there’s a​ lot of​ money to​ be made! the​ next time you’re twisting your shopping cart around a​ center aisle display,​ ask yourself how you​ can cash in​ on​ a​ little of​ the​ holiday bonanza.
Let’s face it,​ people are season conscious… whether they want to​ be or​ not .​
That’s why sneaking a​ little holiday language into your direct mail headlines is​ a​ good idea .​

3 Steps to​ Incorporating Holiday Headlines
1 .​
Which seasons does your product/service relate to?
New Years
Valentine’s Day
President’s Day
St .​
Patrick’s Day
Fourth of​ July
Family Reunions
Back to​ School
Sweetest Day
The list is​ endless! Find a​ few to​ focus on​ .​
Keep an​ expectancy alive in​ your marketing campaign all year long!
2 .​
Combine your offer with a​ holiday a​ theme
Add a​ new twist to​ your offer to​ make it​ seasonal .​
If you​ offer lawn care services,​ you​ might want to​ zero in​ on​ the​ fall leaves lying on​ the​ ground .​
There are a​ million and one ways to​ spin your product to​ match the​ upcoming season or​ holiday.
3 .​
Target the​ Reader
Why would the​ reader want to​ use your service or​ product? is​ it​ unique,​ top-of-the-line,​ cost effective,​ time efficient? Speak to​ the​ needs of​ the​ reader.
Normal business slumps can be avoided when you​ ride the​ coattails of​ the​ never ending list of​ seasonal and holiday events!

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