Cartoon Marketing Turns Healthy

Cartoon Marketing Turns Healthy

Cartoon Marketing Turns Healthy
Food forums have raised many a​ discussion on​ the​ difficulty to​ get kids to​ eat fruits and vegetables. Some parents respond saying their kids have no problem eating fruits and vegetables and like them,​ while others do look for ways to​ help their kids get the​ nutrition they need. the​ question has been raised whether or​ not societal stigmas are to​ blame for this problem of​ unhealthy eating by kids. Perhaps kids are just meeting expectations,​ or​ trying to​ fit in,​ by not liking fruits or​ vegetables. if​ a​ parent expects that a​ kid might prefer a​ cookie to​ an apple,​ and has one on​ hand,​ its likely the​ kid may choose the​ cookie because they are expected to. While manmade products such as​ cupcakes and cookies have been loaded with sugar may be appeasing to​ kids,​ other parents suggest that the​ media is​ to​ blame for marketing such snack foods to​ kids more often than healthy choices.
Well,​ kidfriendly brands like Nickelodeon and Disney have been fighting back,​ trying to​ put their famous cartoon characters on​ healthier foods like fruits and vegetables instead. Nickelodeon,​ owned by Viacom,​ just announced they joined the​ help kids make healthy choices bandwagon by restricting its cartoon characters from being found on​ any sort of​ junk food,​ according Reuters article. Nickelodeon characters such as​ Sponge Bob Square Pants,​ Jimmy Neutron or​ the​ Rugrats will only be used as​ marketing tools for foods that meet their advised dietary guidelines. Sponge Bob Square Pants now circulates the​ vegetable aisles instead of​ snack aisles,​ as​ he has been found on​ snack packs of​ baby carrots,​ and other vegetables. However,​ Nickelodeon still plans to​ license their characters to​ be used on​ holiday treats or​ snacks like Valentines Day chocolates,​ for example.
Whereas Nickelodeon is​ restricting its licensing of​ characters,​ Disney has released its own whole line of​ Disney Garden products that include a​ number of​ bagged fruits and vegetables like cut up apple slices and even cauliflower. Disney Garden hopes to​ help kids make healthier choices by choosing their fruits and vegetables. They hope to​ make the​ lives of​ parents easier by creating some incentive to​ want these fruits and vegetables with their characters. Their Web site offers recipe ideas for kids,​ as​ well as​ hints and tips for parents to​ help their kids make healthier choices.
But,​ who benefits more from these relatively new marketing ploys? Have parents fallen to​ a​ trap where they buy these products to​ unsuccessfully appeal to​ their kids,​ or​ have kids actually now been eating their vegetables? in​ other words,​ is​ this humanitarian effort really just putting more money in​ the​ pockets of​ Viacom and Disney,​ or​ is​ it​ actually helping kids to​ become healthier? Maybe a​ little bit of​ both.
Food blogger Kate Hopkins of​ Accidental Hedonist believes these new marketing concepts have kept public school systems out of​ the​ know. Kids are surrounded by food choices while at​ school,​ and the​ school system has a​ large bearing on​ what food choices are the​ right ones to​ make,​ as​ well as​ what foods show up in​ vending machines,​ etc. Questions such as​ these raise further issues as​ to​ whats behind these new marketing schemes.
All in​ all,​ these efforts cant necessarily hurt much,​ unless youre an adult forced to​ eat Sponge Bob Square Pants carrots instead of​ a​ regular old bag of​ carrots,​ like me
Accidental Hedonist
Imagination Farms
Viacom Company

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