Carnival Games 10

I've been an​ active member of​ the​ PTA ever since my children started school .​
I​ enjoy playing a​ role in​ their education,​ even in​ this limited capacity .​
One of​ my duties as​ part of​ the​ PTA is​ to​ help decide what kind of​ fundraisers to​ host at​ various times during the​ year in​ order to​ raise money for the​ school's clubs and activities .​
We've tried several different fundraisers in​ the​ past,​ including having a​ bake sale and selling candy bars door to​ door in​ the​ neighborhood,​ but neither of​ those went over very well .​
Then we​ tried putting on​ a​ school fair,​ complete with carnival games,​ and that turned out to​ be a​ smashing success!
At first,​ members of​ the​ PTA felt that we​ should vary our fundraising activities as​ much as​ possible .​
But the​ kids had so much fun with fair and the​ carnival games made us so much money that we​ were finally allowed to​ make it​ an​ annual event .​
Although we​ were very happy about that,​ it​ would definitely mean more work for us in​ terms of​ planning and preparation .​
The most important aspect of​ the​ fundraiser,​ of​ course,​ were the​ carnival games,​ so we​ decided to​ focus on​ those right from the​ start.
The carnival games we​ used at​ the​ first fair were just homemade creations that we​ whipped together in​ the​ two weeks leading up to​ the​ event .​
Those carnival games weren't sophisticated at​ all and certainly weren't built to​ last,​ so we​ would obviously have to​ replace them .​
After a​ bit of​ discussion,​ the​ PTA decided that it​ would be better to​ purchase professionally made carnival games than to​ try to​ make all of​ them ourselves .​
However,​ since we​ were working with a​ small budget,​ we​ wanted to​ find someplace that sold discount carnival games so we​ wouldn't have to​ spend too much money right off the​ bat .​
We found the​ best prices online,​ and were able to​ order many fun carnival games for all of​ our future events from a​ wholesaler that specialized in​ gaming supplies.
Now that we​ have a​ full range of​ carnival games,​ we​ are sure to​ be able to​ raise a​ lot of​ money at​ our annual school fair .​
I'm so impressed with the​ quality and easy set up of​ the​ carnival games that the​ PTA bought that I'm even going to​ suggest these items to​ my church group for their fundraisers .​
After all,​ with the​ right carnival games,​ everyone wins!

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