Cant Lose Weight Maybe You Have A Thyroid Disorder

Cant Lose Weight Maybe You Have A Thyroid Disorder

A thyroid disorder called hypothyroidism means you have an​ underactive thyroid gland. if​ you have trouble losing weight no matter what you do,​ it​ could be because you are hypothyroid. There are almost 30 million Americans with thyroid disease and women are 7 times more likely than men to​ have it. Hypothyroid is​ the​ most common thyroid disorder and often misdiagnosed by doctors.

You may get this because it​ is​ inherited,​ or​ because of​ previous problems,​ such as​ nodules,​ goiter,​ thyroid cancer,​ previous thyroid surgery,​ another autoimmune disease.

This is​ a​ condition where the​ thyroid gland,​ a​ small butterfly shaped organ located at​ the​ base of​ the​ neck,​ does not produce enough hormone to​ function properly.

What happens is​ that it​ takes in​ iodine,​ combines it​ with tyrosine (an amino acid) and converts it​ into the​ hormones T4 and T3. if​ your thyroid is​ normal,​ 80% will be T4 and 20% T3. These hormones travel through the​ bloodstream,​ converting oxygen and calories into energy. if​ this process doesn’t work properly,​ then the​ calories and oxygen cannot convert the​ energy properly and you may gain weight or​ incapability to​ lose weight.

The symptoms can include : weight gain,​ depression,​ forgetfulness,​ fatigue,​ hoarseness,​ high cholesterol,​ constipation,​ feeling cold,​ hair loss,​ dry skin,​ low sex drive,​ tingling hands or​ feet,​ irregular periods,​ infertility. You may even experience recurrent pregnancy loss,​ resistant high cholesterol,​ difficult menopause,​ fibromyalgia,​ chronic fatigue syndrome,​ carpal tunnel syndrome,​ or​ mitral valve prolapse.

Do you feel sluggish and fatigued on​ a​ regular basis,​ or​ do you get bouts of​ depression and sadness? Are you always feeling cold,​ especially your hands and feet,​ or​ do you have brittle nails? These are just some of​ the​ possible signs of​ the​ disease. There may be other causes,​ but at​ least this may give you a​ clue as​ to​ why you do not feel well. Check with your doctor in​ all cases to​ be sure.

When your metabolism doesn't work right because you have this disorder,​ you may find that there's no amount of​ dieting or​ exercise that takes the​ weight off. You may in​ fact put on​ extra pounds,​ even though you are doing just what you are supposed to.

What can you do ? Meet with your doctor and ask if​ you need a​ thyroid examination and blood test. These likely will be a​ TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) blood test,​ along with T4,​ T3,​ Free T4 and Free T3 tests.

A drug called levothyroxine (often called Levo-T,​ Levoxyl,​ Synthroid,​ Unithroid) may be prescribed for you. it​ is​ usually inexpensive,​ has minimal side effects,​ and has uniform potency. However,​ all thyroid hormone replacement therapies,​ whether natural or​ synthetic,​ have the​ ability to​ restore thyroid hormone levels.

Supplements that contain the​ following might also help:

- L-Tyrosine - is​ one of​ the​ amino acids that your body needs to​ make thyroid hormones. it​ is​ included in​ some weight control products because it​ works to​ stimulate your metabolism. It's also an​ element in​ helping your brain operate more efficiently which makes you feel better.

- Guglipid - an​ extract from the​ Indian guggal tree,​ may improve thyroid function and assist in​ controlling your weight. Scientists are finding that guglipid lowers bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol,​ and thus can help somewhat to​ prevent heart disease.

There is​ always hope and lots of​ help out there for you. if​ you suspect that you have this condition and you are not sure what to​ do,​ talk to​ your physician for guidance and advice.

Cant Lose Weight Maybe You Have A Thyroid Disorder

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