Can You Reduce Menopausal Weight Gain

Can You Reduce Menopausal Weight Gain
Women between the​ ages of​ 35 and 55 will soon experience menopause .​
It is​ not a​ disease but rather a​ phase in​ life where the​ female will no longer be able to​ conceive a​ child .​
One of​ the​ symptoms associated with this phase is​ weight gain .​
In fact,​ 90% of​ women will gain a​ few extra pounds which are not a​ direct result of​ overeating but rather a​ shift in​ your hormones .​
Those who are already going through with menopause will probably notice a​ change in​ their physical body shape .​
Majority will gain between 10 to​ 15 pounds but this will not happen overnight .​
It will happen gradually like one or​ two pounds per year during premenopause and a​ little faster for those who are in​ early and surgical menopause .​
The areas where you will see a​ physical change will be in​ the​ abdomen thus making you look fat when you look at​ yourself in​ the​ mirror .​
Again,​ this is​ not your fault but a​ fact of​ life because there are also already fluctuations in​ your hormones .​
To explain this further,​ you have to​ understand that hormones do not only affect our behavior but also have a​ direct impact on​ our appetite,​ fat storage and metabolism .​
Females have four hormones namely androgen,​ estrogen,​ progesterone and testosterone .​
The first one namely androgen is​ the​ one that puts that excess weight around your abdomen .​
This happens because when you reach androgen,​ your body produces more of​ this hormone causing you to​ gain weight here rather than your hips,​ thigh or​ rear .​
Estrogen is​ the​ hormone responsible for your monthly ovulation .​
When you reach menopausal age,​ the​ level of​ estrogen that is​ produced by the​ body decreases .​
Because of​ this,​ your ovaries need a​ source of​ estrogen so it​ taps your fat cells that have the​ ability to​ make this happen .​
This forces the​ body to​ convert calories into fat but since your fat cells are unable to​ burn calories like your muscles do when you work out,​ this also causes you pack a​ few extra pounds .​
Another hormone that will also decrease during menopause is​ your progesterone levels .​
This causes water retention and bloating .​
The only good news is​ that this usually disappears after a​ few months .​
Testosterone is​ the​ one that converts lean muscle mass out of​ the​ calories you take in​ from eating .​
During menopause,​ this level also drops thus resulting in​ the​ loss of​ this muscle .​
This will slow down your metabolism thus making it​ difficult to​ burn the​ food you ingested and it​ too causes weight gain .​
Other factors that may cause weight gain during menopause could be attributed to​ insulin resistance and stress .​
Insulin resistance occurs when the​ body converts every calorie into fat .​
Stress can also make this happen as​ the​ body stores calories instead of​ burning as​ its way of​ saving on​ energy .​
So how will you be able to​ reduce menopausal weight gain? a​ lot of​ experts believe that this will be difficult but not impossible .​
The most obvious is​ eating a​ balanced diet .​
You will have to​ give up food products that contain refined sugars and switch it​ to​ fruits and vegetables .​
You should also cut back on​ alcohol,​ caffeine and nicotine .​
As much as​ possible try to​ stay active by exercising regularly .​
Examples of​ these could be aerobics,​ cycling,​ jogging,​ running and walking that will increase muscle mass and prevent osteoporosis .​

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