Can You Really Get Paid To Test Video Games

Can You Really Get Paid To Test Video Games?
Among the​ flurry of​ get rich quick schemes and offers on​ the​ internet,​ you might find one telling you that you can get paid to​ be a​ video game tester .​
Although a​ first you might reject this offer,​ wondering how in​ the​ world it​ is​ possible to​ get paid for sitting around all day in​ playing video games .​
In the​ end,​ you probably end up close in​ web page in​ a​ second of​ unbelief.
I don't blame you for not believe in​ that you can get paid to​ play video games .​
After all,​ the​ vast majority of​ these supposedly easy money offers are scams .​
But this one isn't .​
Companies really do need you to​ play video games for them - and for good reasons too!
First of​ all,​ companies want to​ know that their game is​ exciting and fun to​ play .​
Video game companies know that a​ boring game will never sell well .​
They need some people that have played a​ few of​ before to​ analyze their game by playing it​ a​ couple times .​
That way,​ they can improve their game and avoid creating a​ boring game altogether by having people test it​ first before they release it.
Companies also want to​ get feedback on​ their new games .​
Being a​ video game tester doesn't mean only sitting around and playing games .​
You have to​ give the​ video game companies feedback on​ their new game that you have just tested .​
Usually,​ this will be in​ the​ form of​ a​ survey that you fill out after playing the​ game,​ with questions like how fun the​ game was,​ how exciting the​ game was,​ how you liked the​ graphics,​ etc.
How much do video game companies usually pay to​ have their games tested? It varies a​ lot depending on​ the​ company,​ the​ importance of​ the​ game to​ the​ company,​ how much time you spend on​ the​ game that you are testing,​ and how long the​ follow up survey is​ .​
Normally,​ however,​ companies usually pay between $9 and all the​ way up to​ $80 for a​ single game testing.
Now,​ who can apply to​ be a​ video game tester? the​ answer is​ anybody that is​ 15 years old and up .​
It's also good to​ have a​ little video game experience so that you will know the​ basics of​ playing before you start .​
You don't want to​ jump into the​ job cold.
This concludes this article .​
What now? You should go and learn more about video game testing so that you know how to​ start .​
There is​ an​ eBook on​ this that I​ highly recommend you check out .​
You can download it​ here: the​ eBook Guide To Video Game Testing .​

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