Can You Make Money Selling Web Hosting

There is​ a​ new fad in​ the​ web hosting market. Reseller hosting. Where individuals like you​ and I can become web hosts (sell web hosting) without having to​ buy all the​ infrastructure and do-hickeys that go along with setting up such a​ business.

Becoming a​ web hosting reseller for a​ web hosting company is​ becoming a​ very profitable past time for a​ lot of​ Internet marketers. Being able to​ earn a​ monthly on​ going income selling a​ service every webmaster needs with out huge setup costs is​ a​ hard business model to​ ignore.

So what exactly is​ reseller hosting and how can you​ get started?

Reseller hosting allows you​ to​ sell a​ web hosting companies services as​ your own. This is​ called private labelling. Basically they offer you​ a​ discount rate on​ their web hosting services and you​ sell it​ off as​ your own at​ any price you​ want.

Reseller hosting can start for as​ little as​ $20 a​ month. That means you​ can have a​ full featured web hosting business without any major start up costs.

The great thing about some companies offering reseller web hosting is​ that they do all the​ technical work for you​ as​ well. They provide around the​ clock support for you,​ they manage your servers and they can even bill your customers for you,​ so all you​ have to​ sell is​ focus on​ selling their products.

There is​ more to​ it​ but you​ can find out more about a​ web hosting companies reseller program by asking them directly. in​ this article,​ I want to​ focus on​ how to​ make money by selling web hosting.

So how can you​ make money selling web hosting? Here are my favorite methods.

#1 - Create And Sell Businesses on​ Ebay

This is​ my favorite method of​ generating sales for my web hosting services. in​ a​ nut shell,​ what I do is​ I create turnkey businesses (businesses built just to​ be resold to​ other people) on​ Ebay and charge people a​ flat monthly fee to​ host the​ site they just brought on​ my web hosting service.

If you​ go to​ Ebay and have a​ look in​ the​ website/businesses for sale section,​ you​ will see people doing just this. it​ might look strange seeing a​ website sell for a​ few dollars. I never use to​ understand exactly how they made any money,​ then I realized,​ they were not making money from the​ sale of​ the​ business,​ but on​ the​ back end. They would create good clean website site,​ sell it​ on​ Ebay for a​ few dollars and then charge the​ buyer to​ host this site on​ their hosting service.

This is​ perfectly legal,​ as​ long as​ you​ tell them up front that they must continue to​ host their website on​ your web hosting services for a​ certain period of​ time.

You could easily sell 100 small websites a​ week on​ Ebay. on​ average,​ you​ could sell hosting for $10 a​ month. So every week,​ you​ could be making $1000 a​ week. But that's not the​ best thing,​ since web hosting is​ paid monthly,​ you​ get paid monthly for as​ long as​ they stay with your web hosting service. This is​ as​ close as​ a​ steady pay check as​ you​ are going to​ get with Internet marketing.

You get paid every month whether or​ not you​ actually even work.

#2 - Become a​ Dedicated Hosting Service Just For Blogs

Blogging is​ hot right now. Very hot. There are an​ estimated 40,​000 new blogs started every day. EVERY DAY. Can you​ imagine that? Sure,​ most of​ them are hosted for free,​ but there are a​ lot of​ blogs and bloggers who want the​ control of​ having a​ domain name and their own web hosting for their blogs.

The great thing about blogs is​ that they take up very little disk space and transfer (bandwidth) allowance. you​ can host many,​ many blogs with very little resources and you​ can charge a​ good price for your services.

Another great thing about blogs and bloggers is​ that most successful bloggers have more then one blog. This is​ great because blogs take very little technical assistance on​ your part which means you​ can grow your business quicker and have more paying customers without the​ need for costly and time sapping technical support.

So how can you​ market your blogging web hosting service? Good question! Here's an​ even better answer.

Forums! And not just forums about blogging. Any forum,​ any topic could be perfect for a​ blog,​ and there are a​ lot of​ people in​ forums looking for a​ way to​ express their interest in​ their hobby or​ passion.

You could easily position yourself as​ the​ service to​ go to​ for niche blogs. you​ could target forums that talk about any subject. Fishing,​ gardening,​ dog training,​ pie eating,​ you​ name it.

Posting in​ forums with helpful answers will no doubt bring you​ a​ lot of​ qualified business. Just make sure you​ answer with helpful posts and not just blatant plugs for your business.

The way to​ really make an​ impact with this type of​ service is​ to​ offer something no one else is​ doing. Maybe you​ could get an​ ebook written about the​ secrets to​ niche blogging and give that away with every hosting sale,​ or​ maybe you​ could give away free unique content that they could use every month on​ their blogs when they sign up for 6 or​ 12 months of​ hosting.

There are many ways to​ make money reselling hosting,​ and as​ you​ can tell,​ it​ is​ quite the​ lucrative business model.

To your success.

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