Can You Make Money On Craigslist

Can you​ Make Money on​
People ask the​ question all of​ the​ time can you​ make money on​ the​ answer is​ you​ can .​
All it​ takes is​ some time and ad management and you​ can make money just like anyone else.
Here are some tips that you​ may not be aware of .​
These should help you​ to​ make money if​ your ads were not as​ effective as​ you​ would have liked them to​ be .​
Your ad is​ good for 45 days .​
Everyday that your ad appears it​ is​ listed lower on​ the​ page .​
This is​ because new ads get top priority .​
In some categories,​ a​ single vendor will post multiple ads .​
This is​ fine as​ long as​ they are not for the​ same business,​ product,​ or​ service .​
If they are,​ mark them as​ spam .​
It is​ the​ only way that you​ will get it​ to​ stop .​
If you​ sell jewelry,​ you​ can post an​ ad for a​ bracelet,​ a​ necklace,​ a​ ring,​ a​ pendent,​ a​ brooch,​ a​ watch,​ a​ jewelry box,​ earrings,​ and an​ ankle bracelet all in​ the​ same day .​
They are all different products .​
You will have close to​ the​ top nine spots on​ the​ page the​ day you​ enter them,​ especially if​ you​ add all of​ the​ ads one after the​ other .​
Now you​ wait two days,​ delete those ads and re-enter them .​
They are returned back to​ the​ top positions .​
You cannot do this any more frequent than every 48 hours .​
If you​ do,​ you​ will run into problems,​ so no sooner than ever two days.
Add a​ picture or​ multiple pictures to​ your ad .​
Pictures tell a​ thousand words and this is​ true .​
You will get more interest if​ your ad has a​ picture of​ the​ product .​
Use an​ actual photograph of​ your product,​ not some stock photo off of​ the​ internet .​
This will build trust in​ the​ potential buyer and it​ will generate more interest.
Respond to​ all inquiries promptly .​
Even if​ you​ think that the​ person is​ not really interested,​ you​ never know for sure .​
Follow up with everyone who responds to​ your ad .​
The one person you​ decide not to​ get back to​ is​ the​ one who will actual want to​ buy your item.
Write a​ clear and concise advertisement .​
Your headline should have the​ keyword for what you​ are selling .​
The body of​ the​ ad should be very descriptive and easy to​ read .​
If you​ use html to​ enhance your ad,​ do not go crazy with font colors and weird background colors .​
Red on​ blue is​ horribly difficult to​ read,​ people who are color blind cannot see that color combination so the​ text and the​ background will merge together .​
Orange and purple or​ yellow and purple are not good either .​
There is​ nothing wrong with a​ plain white background .​
Add a​ border if​ you​ want to​ make it​ fancy .​
Text can be changed from black however keep these things in​ mind .​
Bright colors like shocking blues and greens are hard on​ the​ eyes .​
Yellow can be difficult to​ see on​ a​ white background .​
Red makes you​ appear untrustworthy .​
Dark green and dark blue are good choices,​ but stick to​ forest green or​ navy blue .​
Dark brown is​ also a​ good choice .​
Finally you​ want to​ promote your ad .​
Have a​ link to​ your ad in​ all of​ your email signatures .​
Tell everyone about your ad .​
The best ad in​ the​ world cannot sell a​ product if​ nobody sees it.
Yes you​ can make money on​ .​
It takes a​ talent for good ad writing,​ good photography,​ and some planning .​
Making sure that your ads are managed well and that they are posted,​ deleted and reposted every two days is​ critical .​
Having a​ good looking ad is​ also extremely important .​
If your ad is​ difficult to​ read or​ understand then nobody is​ going to​ buy from you​ .​
Make sure that your photograph portrays your item in​ the​ best possible way .​
Combining all of​ these items into a​ single ad campaign is​ important to​ getting your item sold .​

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