Can You Get Free Games For Your Iphone

Can You Get Free Games For Your Iphone
Are you one of​ the​ thousands of​ Iphone owners who has no idea that they can get free games for their Iphone? It's pretty cool to​ download things from Itunes,​ but with a​ little research you can find thousands of​ other places to​ download from -check out our tips below to​ help you find out where.
The Iphone is​ staggeringly popular,​ although it​ hasn't really come as​ much of​ a​ surprise – you only have to​ consider the​ Ipod as​ proof of​ Apple's dominance with such gadgets .​
If you are lucky enough to​ be one of​ the​ early Iphone owners,​ check out these resources to​ help you get some free Iphone games.
1-It's one of​ the​ most obvious ways to​ find anything these days,​ but a​ simple google search can yield excellent results when you are looking for places to​ get your downloads .​
The downside of​ this is​ that after a​ little while you begin to​ realise that many of​ these sites have a​ few things in​ common .​
The trouble is​ that the​ sites that make themselves the​ most accessible in​ this way are the​ ones that are simply looking to​ make money with their advertising .​
They get paid for you to​ click on​ their ads,​ so it's in​ their interest to​ drag as​ many visitors as​ possible into their site,​ and for this reason you'll find that many of​ them offer no real downloads at​ all.
2-There is​ a​ slight variation on​ the​ sites above,​ in​ that they will offer a​ couple of​ Iphone downloads,​ whether they be games or​ movies or​ wallpapers or​ whatever,​ but they will be very old and dated,​ and in​ many cases once you complete the​ download you'll find it​ doesn't work anyway .​
The point of​ this is,​ you guessed it,​ just to​ attract visitors who may then click on​ the​ advertising and make some money .​
Not exactly a​ noble business model,​ but I​ guess it​ works as​ there seem to​ be enough sites like that around!
3-The most obvious place for you to​ look when downloading just about anything these days is​ the​ torrent sites,​ peer to​ peer sites,​ or​ file sharing sites,​ or​ whatever they are called this week .​
I'm sure you know the​ ones-huge download collections,​ completely illegal to​ use,​ and yet it​ seems like everyone knows someone who has gone download crazy and downloaded huge amounts of​ things from there .​
Avoid these sites like the​ plague .​
It's illegal to​ use them in​ most places,​ and also there are usually a​ fair amount of​ viruses etc to​ be found within their databases .​
Not cool!
4-Your best bet for free Iphone game downloads,​ and just about anything else for the​ Iphone is​ the​ newer type of​ download site .​
a​ few of​ these popped up a​ while back for the​ Ipod,​ and it​ seems like they are following the​ trend with the​ Iphone .​
Basically,​ they work by charging and admin fee up front,​ and once you pay that you then have access to​ their whole download database .​
Not just Iphone games either,​ you'll find movies,​ games,​ tv shows,​ music videos and all kinds of​ stuff .​
Think of​ it​ like a​ version of​ Itunes where you pay one flat fee .​
Using sites like this usually works out far cheaper than something like Itunes in​ the​ long run.
Getting free Iphone games and other downloads can seem like a​ very far fetched idea,​ that is​ until you find the​ right places .​
Hopefully this article has helped you know where to​ look .​
Happy downloading!

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