Can I Receive Federal Benefits If I Retire In Thailand

Can I Receive Federal Benefits If I Retire In Thailand

Can I​ Receive Federal Benefits if​ I​ Retire in​ Thailand?
It is​ possible to​ receive federal benefits in​ Thailand​ .​
To apply for​ Social Security benefits, you​ need to​ apply to​ the Social Security Administration​ 3 months before reaching the age of​ 62 by completing a​ questionnaire .​

The U.S .​
Embassy can provide copies of​ the questionnaire .​
Once completed, the questionnaire is​ then sent to​ the regional Social Security representative in​ Manila, Philippines .​
They will then reply directly to​ the applicant and​ will provide additional forms, which need to​ be sent directly to​ the Social Security Administration​ in​ Baltimore, Maryland​ .​
The Social Security Administration​ recommends allowing 120 days for​ processing .​
The address of​ the regional Social Security Representative is:
Social Security Administration​
U.S .​
1131 Roxas Blvd .​

0930 Manila Philippines
The address of​ the Social Security Administration​ main​ office is:
Social Security Administration​ Office of​ International Operations
P.O .​
Box 17769
Baltimore, MD 21235 U.S.A
Most U.S .​
Treasury checks are sent first to​ the Embassy, which then distributes the checks to​ recipients .​
The Embassy suggests that checks be deposited directly into the recipient’s bank account .​
this​ helps prevent difficulties in​ cases of​ lost, stolen, misplaced or​ late checks, as​ well as​ delays in​ accessing funds due to​ bank clearance rules.
if​ you​ would like your​ check to​ be direct deposited into a​ bank account in​ Thailand, you​ need to​ contact Bangkok Bank .​
this​ is​ the only Thai bank in​ which Social Security payments can be direct deposited .​
Their address is:
Bangkok Bank Foreign Exchange Department
333 Silom Road
Bangkok 10500 Thailand​
if​ you​ already receive Social Security or​ other federal benefits in​ the United States, and​ you​ intend to​ move to​ Thailand, please notify the Social Security Administration​ or​ other federal agency of​ your​ change of​ address .​
your​ benefits will then be sent to​ your​ new address .​
Contact the Consular Section​ to​ advise us of​ your​ residence in​ Thailand​ and​ inquire about the procedures for​ having your​ benefit checks sent overseas or​ deposited directly into your​ account .​

you​ may reach the Federal Benefits Unit of​ the Embassy at​ 0-2405-4272.

Can I Receive Federal Benefits If I Retire In Thailand

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