Can Fasting Help Me To Lose Weight

One way to​ lose weight is​ to​ just stop eating. it​ sounds simple but in​ reality you have to​ know what you are doing to​ get any long term weight loss benefits from fasting. Let’s look at​ the​ weakness and strengths of​ fasting for weight loss.

Like most forms of​ dieting,​ fasting can be used to​ bring about dramatic but temporary reductions of​ weight. You can go on​ a​ long fast,​ taking nothing but juice or​ eating grapes or​ taking some other low calorie meal substitute for several weeks,​ and while you are on​ the​ fast you will certainly lose weight. However,​ during the​ fast you may not be able to​ carry on​ your normal social interactions. It’s not so easy to​ sit around sipping carrot juice while the​ rest of​ your family is​ eating a​ normal meal.

Another problem with long fasting is​ that your body requires vital nutrients (vitamins,​ minerals,​ protein) and your favorite juice may not contain them. Long fasting without proper medical supervision can be dangerous.

Finally,​ a​ major problem with this kind of​ fasting is​ that once you stop fasting and resume eating your normal diet,​ you are likely to​ gain back all the​ weight that you have lost during your crash weight loss fast.

So,​ does fasting have any place in​ a​ weight loss plan? Yes it​ does. Periodic fasting is​ one of​ the​ secrets of​ a​ long and healthy life. Our body’s digestive organs require a​ rest from time to​ time,​ just as​ we​ require days off from work. One-day fasting done in​ a​ methodical and regular manner provides the​ kind of​ rest that helps our digestive system,​ aids in​ the​ elimination of​ toxins from our body,​ and,​ yes,​ also helps us to​ lose weight in​ a​ healthy and sustainable way.

How to​ Do Proper Fasting

Here is​ a​ method of​ doing one day fasts,​ taking no food and (if your body is​ strong) no water in​ a​ period from the​ sunrise of​ one day to​ the​ sunrise of​ the​ next day.

Successful fasting has three stages: preparation,​ the​ actual fast,​ and breaking the​ fast. Each one of​ these stages is​ important.


If you are not prepared both mentally and physically you will find it​ difficult to​ go one day without food. the​ mental preparation is​ simple,​ but very important. the​ night before the​ fast you have to​ take a​ firm determination that tomorrow you are going to​ fast,​ that you are not going to​ eat any food. if​ you fix your mind in​ advance then you will not start deliberating during the​ fasting day whether you should continue or​ not to​ continue. if​ you are undecided or​ waffling you can always find a​ hundred reasons why you should start eating!

Physical preparation is​ also important. the​ day before you fast you should eat a​ normal amount of​ food and take a​ good amount of​ liquids (especially if​ you are going to​ be fasting without taking any liquids). if​ you miss some meals on​ the​ day before fasting,​ then you may start feeling hungry during the​ fasting period. if​ you do not take enough liquids,​ especially during the​ night before the​ fast,​ then you will feel uncomfortable when you are fasting.

If you are physically and mentally prepared you will not feel very hungry while you are fasting. Once you decide to​ fast,​ your hunger just “shuts off” for the​ fasting period. This sounds hard to​ believe,​ but if​ you do it​ a​ few times you will see that it​ is​ true.

The Fasting Day

It is​ best to​ do light physical tasks and concentrate more on​ intellectual and spiritual work during the​ fasting period. it​ is​ not a​ good idea to​ spend your time thinking about what you are going to​ eat tomorrow! if​ you have prepared yourself properly this shouldn’t be a​ problem and you can use the​ time that you gain by not eating to​ do some constructive things that you normally don’t get time to​ do.

Breaking the​ Fast

One of​ the​ benefits of​ fasting is​ that it​ helps to​ eliminate toxins from the​ body. However,​ you can only get this benefit if​ you break your fast correctly. On the​ morning following the​ fasting day,​ take two glasses of​ lemon water. Put the​ juice of​ have of​ a​ lemon in​ one glass and add a​ bit of​ salt. (The drink should taste both lemony and salty). After some time,​ you can eat your breakfast. the​ lemon water will help you to​ flush your digestive system with a​ strong bowel movement and many toxins will be eliminated.

One day fasts like this can be done twice a​ month. This kind of​ fasting will give rest to​ your digestive organs,​ help eliminate toxins,​ build your will power and strength of​ mind. On top of​ this,​ the​ overall reduction in​ calories that you get from going two days without food each month,​ will definitely be one of​ the​ elements of​ a​ balanced and sustainable weight loss program.

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