Can Eating More Often Actually Be The Answer To Losing Weight

Can Eating More Often Actually Be the​ Answer to​ Losing Weight?
It may seem like a​ contradiction to​ suggest that eating more often is​ the​ answer to​ getting slimmer,​ but in​ reality the​ idea of​ eating more often is​ the​ only way to​ speed up weight loss.
Everybody understands what a​ calorie is​ and everybody knows that the​ best way to​ lose weight is​ to​ begin eating fewer calories per day. Right?
Well,​ not so fast. . .
The problem with this way of​ thinking is​ that the​ human body does not burn calories based on​ a​ 24 hour day. in​ fact,​ the​ 24 hour day is​ just an arbitrary interval of​ time,​ and it​ has no bearing on​ how your body burns calories.
You see,​ the​ human body burns calories in​ real time or​ in​ other words it​ burns calories as​ you eat them it​ does not burn calories based on​ a​ 24 hour day.
This means that your daily caloric intake is​ almost meaningless when viewed all by itself.
For example,​ let’s take a​ typical dieter who skips breakfast,​ but who then eats 900 calories for lunch,​ 900 calories for dinner and 300 calories for a​ late night snack for a​ total of​ 2,​100 calories per day.
This dieter falsely thinks that their intake of​ 2,​100 calories per day is​ the​ deciding factor in​ whether they lose weight or​ not but in​ reality the​ deciding factor is​ something totally different. . .
The deciding factor lies in​ how many calories that they eat per meal.
For example,​ if​ that same dieter took those 2,​100 calories per day and divided them evenly into 6 meals 350 calories for 6 meals = 2,​100 calories then their body would be able to​ burn much more of​ those daily calories throughout the​ day.
Consequently,​ the​ dieter would seriously increase their weight loss results if​ they did this.
Why is​ this true?
Simple,​ because your body burns calories as​ you eat them,​ and if​ you feed your body too many calories at​ any single sitting then the​ excess calories from that sitting cannot get burned and may wind up stored as​ fat tissue.
However,​ if​ you eat fewer calories per sitting then your body has a​ better chance to​ burn all of​ those calories,​ and if​ it​ burns all of​ the​ calories at​ any given meal then your body will be forced to​ begin burning stored fat tissue for any additional energy that it​ may need before your next meal which equals fat loss for the​ dieter.
So if​ you eat fewer calories per meal but increase the​ number of​ meals throughout the​ day,​ then you can begin losing more weight while still eating the​ same number of​ calories per day you’ll just be doing it​ via a​ greater number of​ meals each day.
So when a​ dieter uses this method of​ dieting the​ overall calories consumed each day would be the​ same,​ but yet the​ dieter’s body would be able to​ more efficiently burn those calories on​ a​ per meal basis and thus the​ dieter will lose more weight each day.

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