Can Breathing Help You Lose Weight

Can Breathing Help You Lose Weight

We all know that obesity is​ on​ the​ increase,​ we​ see it​ every day on​ TV and in​ magazines. the​ problem seems to​ be spiraling out of​ control. Common sense tells us that weight gain is​ just down to​ the​ plan and simple fact of​ eating too many calories and the​ wrong food choices but this problem can also be because of​ low self esteem and being in​ situations where you are under constant stress and use found the​ wrong food both as​ a​ comforter and a​ quick energy pick me up.

So what can we​ use to​ turn that to​ turn your weight gain around? What if​ I told you that you could make a​ big difference to​ your health from the​ proper breathing technique both in​ increased energy and relieving yourself in​ stressful situations?

We all know the​ benefits of​ the​ proper breathing technique. if​ you’re breathing improperly your body isn’t gaining the​ full benefit of​ the​ lungs and you body suffers in​ the​ same proportion. This problem gets worse when you consider that most people also don’t exhale properly and a​ lot of​ waste products and gases are left to​ accumulate there.

This sluggish feeling can start a​ vicious where the​ victim goes from having no energy to​ snacking on​ sugar filled pick me ups,​ which contain extra calories,​ which add to​ the​ weight gain,​ which add to​ the​ feeling of​ a​ lack of​ energy and the​ cycle goes on​ and on!

By using the​ proper breathing technique you can increase your intake of​ oxygen to​ the​ body. Because oxygen is​ so important,​ (we can live for a​ couple of​ days without food and water but only minutes without air,​ we​ can see how much our bodies rely on​ it) All the​ organs require oxygen to​ function properly even the​ process of​ digestion needs oxygen to​ process the​ food and burn up the​ waste products.

So as​ you can see if​ your bodies not getting its quota of​ oxygen you can never expect it​ to​ perform to​ the​ best of​ its abilities.

Plus the​ benefits of​ breathing exercises are that you can do them anywhere (even if​ you’re sitting in​ traffic) and you don’t have the​ added expense of​ exercise equipment or​ gym membership.

Can Breathing Help You Lose Weight

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