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Tips on​ How to​ Play the​ Paintball Sport
Playing paintball is​ so much fun .​
The main goal of​ the​ game is​ to​ capture the​ opponent’s flag and make them surrender by aggressively attacking their defenses .​
What excites many people is​ the​ fast pace and action-packed scenery that a​ person will experience .​

Most paintball games are played in​ a​ place where players can move freely .​
Outdoor venues like fields or​ improvised camps provide complete facilities for everyone who wants to​ experience this sport .​
There are also indoor venues that are available during various seasons when people are unable to​ go outside because of​ the​ cold weather or​ rainy seasons.
A person is​ provided with a​ paintball gu​n that is​ primarily air pressured .​
The group is​ generally composed of​ ten or​ more persons divided into two teams .​
Each team must have an​ equal number of​ persons and they will battle like two opposing armed groups on​ a​ battlefield .​
Each group will be provided colored armbands to​ mark each member so that their teammates are and opponents are not confused .​
The main goal is​ to​ reach the​ opponents’ flag and hit every opponent – when doing so - using their paintball guns .​
The team that captures the​ flag will bring it​ to​ their base to​ ensure they have won the​ game .​
A person will know that he is​ eliminated when he is​ hit by the​ paintball .​
It is​ determined by the​ splat of​ a​ paintball that will break and mark the​ gear .​
a​ referee will determine if​ he may continue or​ to​ be eliminated from the​ game .​
The paintballs are about the​ size of​ marbles; but they are spherical in​ shape with hard shell layers that enables the​ paintball to​ go a​ long distance and speed up the​ launch when fired at​ the​ target .​
Paintball guns appear similar to​ a​ real gu​n but it​ has a​ barrel container that stores and launch the​ paintball .​
It has a​ trigger that will activate the​ release and a​ reservoir that will store more paintballs .​
The propulsion is​ powered by pressurized gas .​
The execution will depend on​ the​ style the​ player thinks will be effective for defense .​
The thrill and excitement is​ what really makes people love this sport .​
Others consider it​ an​ activity that can be enjoyed with their friends and families .​
It will give a​ person a​ worthwhile experience with the​ adventure-like setting and the​ excitement of​ the​ game .​

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